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What to Expect From a Psychic Reader




Most people have an interest in psychic phenomena; it's intriguing and fun, and it's definitely different. But you may be one of those people who have never had a consultation because you don't know how to find [or recognize] a reliable psychic. To complicate it further, there are an infinite amount of choices to make between Internet sites, TV ads, magazine ads, etc. Perhaps you've seen a psychic who entertains at a sidewalk café or on the boardwalk just for fun. Or maybe a friend recommended someone to you…


The big question is:


How do you know you're getting the real thing?


While there are very few "experts" in the field of psychic phenomena, as a practitioner, I have done extensive research over the years and would like to share some of that information with you. I hope that by sharing my views, you will have a better overall understanding of the topic and be able to select a psychic counselor that will not disappoint you. Once you develop a level of trust, knowing that the information given to you is accurate, you will feel like you have truly gained a new friend. You then have a trustworthy person to consult with during your most trying times. Here are some tips that I feel will help you make a good evaluation.


A good reader should always provide you with specific information. All "life areas" [i.e.: relationships, money, business, health, etc.] should be touched upon during the session but the main flow of the information coming through is usually focused on any important issues that you happen to be dealing with at the present time. These issues are probably the reason you are seeking psychic guidance in the first place. Don't hesitate to ask questions, whether it's during the consultation or at the end. Sometimes a reader will request that you hold your questions until they are done, which is fine. Just make sure you have a pen and notepad with you so that you can jot things down, so that you don't forget anything. I usually ask my clients at the end of their session if they have any questions and most of them say, "Not really…You've already answered everything!". But in the event there is still an issue that has not been addressed, be sure to inquire. This is what we are here for.


Most psychics use various different tools when reading for others. I use the Tarot and the deck I normally use is referred to as my "working deck", however, I have many other tools and occasionally use them as well.


Divination through the use of the Tarot is simply a way of exploring the influences that are present in your life. I usually begin with a standard Celtic Cross [ten-card] spread for a general reading and as I move through the session, I display additional cards for clarity. Over the years, I have developed my own pattern which works well for me, although I'm sure that everyone is unique in their methods. For special sessions, I sometimes include the use of rune cards and crystals, and do other types of layouts. The items that a psychic works with are referred to as "divinity tools". They can be Tarot and/or playing cards [including multiple decks], crystal balls, gemstones, pendulums, tealeaves, coffee grounds, runes, shells, beads or any combination of these items… and perhaps even some others that are of a more personal nature. Visit my page on the Tarot for more info.


For general information
on the use of Tarot Cards

Click Here


How does psychic ability work?  When I sit with you, I am sensing a combination of the vibrations I am picking up directly from your energy fields... along with the vibrations I am receiving from the card layout. This combination of energy begins to flow through me in a series of images, somewhat like picture flashes. I may also hear names, numbers and phrases… or experience certain emotional feelings. Most psychics access their intuitive senses and demonstrate this by using the abilities of clairvoyance [clear seeing], clairaudience [clear hearing] and/or clairsentience [clear feeling]. As I begin the layout, I am drawn to specific cards, while at the same time I am experiencing psychic impressions… and your session is now in full swing. I will then share with you whatever information or impressions I get.


At times, I am able to achieve an altered state that allows me to access the Akashic Record when asked about a particular person. This enables me to receive very detailed information about a person you may be inquiring about. This insight can be very useful when doing business consultations. To access this information, I only need the name of the person you are inquiring about. My computer-oriented husband once asked me what the "Akashic Record" is and after I briefly explained, he said, "it sounds like the big diskette in the sky". I laughed, since it's a pretty good analogy! But for those of you who may not have heard of the term, I will try to describe it in a simple way...


The Akashic Record contains the total, vibrational
record of souls, throughout all time and space.


It is also my personal belief that I am sustained by those in the spirit world, and frequently call on my Spirit Guide for assistance. You may also hear them referred to as Spirit People, Angels, Guardian Angels, Watchers and Light Beings... or just simply as a Higher Power. The name of these "enlightened ones" is unimportant; what is vitally important is the quality of the information coming from them and through me. It must always be "for the good of all and with harm to none". If I can assist you with sound advice or information that will help in healing your heart, easing your pain, answering your questions…or just provide you with the enlightenment you need to move forward, then I have done my job. I am committed to providing you with a consultation that will assist you in your spiritual growth and help give you peace of mind. This should be the primary goal of all who work in the psychic fields.

There are also some psychics [but not many] who can sense, see and/or hear spirits when they read for you and therefore specialize in this type of session. They are known as mediums, spiritual mediums or psychic mediums. I prefer the term psychic medium to describe what I do because I am utilizing my skill on both levels; psychically and spiritually. The process of mediumship is sometimes referred to as channeling or trance chanelling. A psychic medium has but one role to fulfill:


To prove the existence of consciousness
beyond physical death.


The relationships we form in love and friendship upon the earth, continue on when we move into the next level of existence. The most important message the spirit people want to convey is that they are still connected to us. This is the reason why they usually reference one or two specific things [or events] during the session which helps to identify them. Simply try to be open to what is coming through, and more importantly, to "who" may be coming through. It may not be the spirit you were expecting to connect with. However, the medium has no control over which spirit wishes to communicate (and neither do you!). In this area, the spirits seem to know - better than we do - what "message" or information will be meaningful. [Note: If you are planning to schedule a session with me, please review my FAQ page prior to your reading; it's very important to me that a mediumisic session meets your expectations.]

In my book,
Proof Positive ~ Metaphysical Wisdom you'll learn what takes place for the medium when we link with the spirit world... and what it's like for us to experience consciousness in two worlds at the same time. Meanwhile, if you do have a session with a medium, be sure to arrive with an open mind. It's also important to remember never to "feed" information to the medium during the process... you are there to receive the information, not give it. A simple "yes or no" will do and of course, you may clarify the facts after the reader makes a statement about something. In my years of experience within the psychic realm, I can honestly say that my work as a medium has been the most fulfilling - and astounding - experience I have ever had. The information that I receive from the spirit people is stunningly accurate and it amazes even me, each and every time I link with the Higher Realms!


For more information on this subject...


Check out the link to my first book,
Proof Positive ~ Metaphysical Wisdom
Where you can read a few excerpts
and also view the entire Table of Contents...


You can also click on the publisher's book store to
order a copy
which will be delivered right to your door!



Psychic and/or mediumistic appointments can also be done over the phone. Phone Readings are just as effective and accurate as a reading done in person; it just requires that I shift my focus slightly.

An Important Note:
Please don't confuse a long-distance phone consultation with the 900 number call-in type… the only similarity between the two is that you are not in the presence of the reader. Beyond that, I must caution you to expect very general information from the 900 # phone-in-lines. While I'm sure that some of the readers at those phone lines are intuitive and maybe even a few are really psychic, most of them are just making it up as they go along. Try to keep in mind the "nature of the career" these individuals are involved in:



The true psychic counselor is in the business of:
~  Spiritual Enlightenment  ~

The 900 number reader is in the business of:


And at $3.99 per minute, thirty minutes of "chit-chat" will cost you $119.70…a ridiculous amount to be charged for little or no worthwhile information. It's the ultimate in telemarketing!

One other note of caution...
BEWARE of so-called psychics (usually in person) who tell you that "someone has put a curse on you", but naturally... they can take it off. These are the kind of people that give honest practioners a bad name. And of course, it always involves BIG $$$ (always hundreds / sometimes even "thousands") to REMOVE this curse.

 And it can be a very frightening experience as well. Although there are different types of scams, all are designed to take large amounts of money from you. If you should encounter someone like this, get out of there as quickly as you can... You may even want to report them to your local police department since that type of activity is punishable by law. Unfortunately, most people are too embarrassed to do that and as a result, others will continue to become victims.

Go to someone that's reputable;
preferably to a psychic or medium that has been recommended to you by someone who has had a session done. There are psychics who have been laboratory tested and certified; psychics and mediums who are willing to be tested are usually highly skilled and are much more trustworthy in general.


Doreen Molloy has been certified by the following:










And never be afraid to 'use your own intuition'... meaning, that if something doesn't feel right, then it probably isn't. If you have concerns, any reputable psychic (or their assistant) should answer any general question/s you may have about the process - prior to the actual appointment. If they aren't willing to give you the time of day, go somewhere else. You may even be able to get a 'firsthand reference'... if you see a client exiting from a session, ask them how it was! [They're usually more than happy to tell you.]

Sitting with a psychic counselor should be fun and exciting, and regarded as an uplifting [and sometimes eye-opening] experience. If he or she is sitting before you preaching "gloom and doom", look for someone else... one who realizes that the glass is always half full, as opposed to half empty. And if you run into one of those psychics that do "5 minute readings" and talk at the
speed-of-light… ask them if the building is on fire, otherwise tell them to S-L-O-W  D-O-W-N ! You may also want to take a few notes unless you are recording the session.



I hope that I have helped you to understand the process a little bit better so that your time with a psychic counselor will be fun and enlightening! Your comments and questions are always welcomed; just send me an email and I will respond.

To schedule a session with me, you can also
make an appointment right here at the web site!


In the meantime, I impart to all of you,
Health, Happiness, Love & Light...



In this lifetime... and in all others!