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Mass Deception

The Illusive Origins of Christianity








When new information is disclosed,
it can feel very uncomfortable;
we're not sure what to do with it...
because it usually flies in the face of
what we think we know.
But in order to grow in knowledge,
we need to be open-minded...
meaning, willing to step 'outside of the box'
[the one with our Historical Conversation on the label].
If you're not able to do that,
then this book is probably not for you.
Unless you can examine new evidence
'with your eyes wide open'
and be willing to admit that just maybe...
you may not know all there is to know,
then you inadvertently block the path
of learning anything new.




'Hope For the Future'

[the inner path]
and religion [the outer path]
are two entirely different systems.

'True spirituality' does not require
the mainstream religious teachings
which currently dictate most of our beliefs...
Instead, we need only understand the
connection we all have to our higher selves
as well as to each other... and also to
whatever our understanding is of a Higher Power.
This section will show you how you can feel
~~ Self-Empowered ~~
through meditation and the power of intent,
so that you may live your life to the fullest!
Where religions continue to divide us,
spirituality can unite us in ways
that might one day,
place us on the road to lasting peace.




“The titles of our Gospels were not intended to indicate authorship... thus it appears that the present titles of the Gospels are not traceable to the evangelists themselves... The New Testament [collection] is supplied with titles, which however ancient, do not go back to the respective authors of those writings, nor do the Gospels go back to the first century of the Christian era. Those headings [Matthew, Mark, Luke or John]... were affixed to them.”

The Catholic Encyclopedia

(Farley Ed., PP. vi., 135-137; vi. Pp. 655-656)
American Edition, New York / Robert Appleton Co.
[15 Volumes, 1907-1914]







What you are about to read in this book will shock you. It involves wide-scale deception with far-reaching consequences, the conclusions of which are literally staggering. But much of the information you'll find here is not simply based on opinion or speculation; it is also based on written testimonies and surviving documents that exist in a variety of forms, such as manuscripts, scrolls, ancient handwritten records... many of which were composed by well known historians. These documents currently exist within government archives, museums, and various encyclopedias [including editions that are out of print]. Some material is even owned by private collectors, a great deal of which can only be viewed with special permissions.

During the research for this book, I spent countless hours reviewing old online documents and manuscripts which are currently housed in the UK - at the British Library Museum... as well as out-of-print historical books and manuscripts available from the online publisher, at ForgottenBooks.org. And during the course of collecting a variety of bibles (of which there are many different types), I was even able to obtain a few interesting tidbits from books that were published in the 1800's and early 1900's, most of which I found at estate sales and book fairs. This type of research requires a great deal of reading... and to that end, I've certainly done my homework; I can say with certainty that I have far more books than I have shelves to accommodate them. Of special interest is the fact that very damaging historical information comes directly from the Catholic Encyclopedias - revealing facts that are in direct conflict with the tenets of Christianity; yet to this day, the Catholic Encyclopedia maintains its position as 'the most comprehensive resource on Catholic teaching, history, and information ever gathered in all of human history'.

Uncovering and accessing much of the information revealed in this book has not been easy; nevertheless, exhaustive investigations have been carried out by highly qualified researchers, archeologists and historians of the current time... and when added to the research carried out over the past several hundred years, it offers a compelling conclusion. Rather predictably however, almost all written works contrary to Christian teachings have been heavily suppressed prior to our current era, even as recently as during the early twentieth century. To that end, the church 'conceals information' in different ways... Books suspected of containing information that might make Christianity look ‘less than holy', were simply put on the banned list for Catholics... In other words, simply by reading any material on that list, Catholics were threatened with excommunication. At the same time, the most damaging books have always been sought out with great fervor - and burned for the purpose of protecting certain ‘secrets'; at one time in history, book-burnings were popular events. Now on the other hand, whenever a prized scroll or ancient manuscript surfaces, the church goes to great lengths to acquire it - only to stash it away, deep within the Vatican archives... never to be seen again by the eyes of The Faithful or anyone else.

In spite of all this, the historical data most recently uncovered clearly shows that the New Testament was never an authentic record, but was instead a collection of corrupted documents specifically put together to induce a particular belief. Unfortunately, history tells us that people who would dare to bring contradictory information about Christian origins to light have very often been tortured and/or killed – all to protect the secrecy and deception that has been perpetrated on mankind for approximately seventeen hundred years.

But it's a new day.
News travels at lightening speed within the current information era of our twenty-first century technology... and as a result, suppression of verifiable information is far more difficult. But I must warn you; what is now coming to light is so explosive that it will shake the very foundation of millions of people right to their core. It will touch just about everyone on this planet and as a result, there will be a rippling effect that will be felt around the globe. In other words, nothing will ever be the same......


Revealed in this book is the other facade of Christianity and it is a complicated one, based on the many twists and turns it has taken over the centuries. You are already familiar with the contemporary [public] image of Christianity and despite the recent pedophile priest scandals, the Church of Rome continues to paint a moral and respectable picture of itself built on the alleged age-old principles of righteousness. But lying behind those beautiful colors of stained glass, nothing could be farther from the truth. There is a great deal of previously suppressed information that is now coming to light with regard to the origins of Christianity – and most of it is quite disturbing. Based on the scope of forgeries and propaganda inserted into so-called scriptural writings over the last seventeen hundred years, this is a cover-up of unspeakable proportions... and it's one that the Church of Rome has actually acknowledged, although they often do so by trying to minimize its importance. When pressed, they will admit to ‘interpolations' [1] throughout all scriptural books, both canonical and apocryphal. That may seem benign at first glance... but to interpolate means to insert false or incorrect material into a text. In my book, that's called lying and deliberately falsifying information. Yet they still insist that the books of the bible are ‘true accounts' (but of what, no one is sure).

There are also many hundreds [some say thousands] of discrepancies in the accepted [i.e.: canonical] books – reflecting inaccuracy on such a grand scale, it's almost laughable. Names are confused and often attributed to the wrong people, family genealogies are incorrect and/or inconsistent, dates are wrong – or overlap in ways that are impossible, cities are referenced that didn't even exist in biblical times... and the list [2] goes on and on.....


But you may be wondering... Why is it so important to know about things that took place centuries ago? Isn't all of that ‘old news'... you know, just part of ancient history? And isn't the Catholicism of today 'Authentic'? You might've noticed that even current day bibles have the words 'Authorized Version' printed on the cover; doesn't that count for something? The answer to that is an apparent, “No”... and this book will explain why......



Obviously, the Vatican State will never take kindly to anyone who challenges the high strangeness of the Roman Catholic religion; they can - and probably will continue to - spin their own PR, just as they have for the past seventeen hundred years. This is what happened when Dan Brown's book, The Da Vinci Code was published. [8] One can always count on the spin-doctors to leap into action and write a debunking book to be published in record time. And even though The Da Vinci Code is a work of fiction, it was indeed based on some factual information. As a result, it came just a little too close (for comfort) to the truth, albeit a very small part of it. Enter Richard Abanes, author of The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code: A Challenging Response to the Best Selling Novel – the very same author who wrote the debunking book on the Harry Potter books; [9] Abanes is one of countless 'code debunkers' (as they are commonly referred to) who vehemently refute the content in Dan Brown's book... apparently forgetting that it was published as a 'work of fiction'.

Nevertheless, it doesn't seem to matter whether Christian writers are debunking a children's book, a novel or an historical book; the Church simply prefers that their followers not read anything that may stimulate their minds to think – with the exception of reading their own self-styled propaganda. On the other hand, I find it a bit odd that Tony Bushby's book, The Bible Fraud has been out for many years now... without even a peep from Rome. Perhaps they are afraid to open this can of worms. Bushby's books bring completely new information to light... Consequently [to date], the church has remained curiously silent.

But the bottom line is that no matter what the Church does [or doesn't do] the truth will eventually come out. It's common knowledge that whenever information like this is revealed, you can count on the fact that the Roman Church will deny it, ridicule it, ban it or burn it. And the Christian indoctrination process is designed to convince Catholics that reading anything contrary to Church teachings is breaking the golden rules. Roman Catholics are also informed that this may even be followed with the threat of excommunication. (And it wasn't all that long ago that the Church would take up arms over anyone interfering with the inner workings of Christendom... something that they could never get away with in today's world.)......


Finally, it's important to address what it means to 'have faith'. Having faith in something means that one must put their trust or confidence in it and accept it as true – whether it is or not. In other words, it is the exact opposite of examining evidence - and reaching a conclusion based on that evidence. The Catholic Church depends upon ones unwavering belief in their tenets; their mantra is - and always has been: Do Not Question!

As you read through the following chapters, you will find enough evidence to prove that the very foundation of Christianity is based on lies and that most of the events they claim took place, never actually happened. There is a great deal of information to take into account and although I'll provide some of that evidence in this book, I will then simply point you in the direction of where to find confirmation of it. Several contemporary researchers have done an exceptional job of unearthing hard-to-find documentation; I'm simply connecting some of those components in a slightly different way - and calling attention to some little known aspects of the information.

Some of this evidence will also support the fact that early doctrine was falsely created and put forth as ‘truth' - simply to dupe an ignorant public; this was successfully achieved for the sole purpose of acquiring power and money. The degree to which the early Christian movement went to deceive the public should come as no surprise because some of the atrocities committed are already a big part of written history. But it's the other part - kept hidden for centuries - which will be revealed in this book... the part of history that has been suppressed and is not common knowledge.

This information may not only shock you, but it may also disgust and horrify you to find that the very system with which many place their trust – and pledge their allegiance - is nothing more than a corrupt political system that has been manipulating humankind on a colossal scale for centuries... To that end, keep in mind that this book is not intended to deny your connection to a Higher Power or Divine Source, but rather to bring information to light about religious corruption. Over the years, I've heard others comment that they will discuss any topic, as long as it's not ‘politics or religion'. Perhaps that's because they are indeed one and the same - both designed to govern and control the masses at any cost. And unfortunately, spirituality and honesty are not usually found in either domain.



But in PART TWO of this book, I will explain exactly how you can achieve a true sense of spirituality and maintain it - without all the religious dogma, double standards and pious nonsense. You can still have faith and knowledge in Divine Wisdom - without the customary ‘blindness' that the Catholic church demands of people... and this can be achieved in an atmosphere of kindness, honesty, common sense, openness and with love for mankind....




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