And the End of the Mayan Calendar






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And the End of the Mayan Calendar






So what was the deal with 2012, anyway?

According to the Mayan Calendar
It's been said that it was going to be the end of the world... Or the end of time... Or the end of life on Earth as we know it...

December 21, 2012 was even referred to as 'doomsday'.


So what's the story?

Well, first of all... we live in complicated times. I believe that the references to 2012 represented something extremely important in terms of humanity's evolution... as well as the evolution of our solar system. And we - you and I collectively - have chosen to incarnate during this time period to experience whatever is taking place... certainly on a spiritual level, but I'm certain that it will also be mental, emotional and physical as well.

The Mayan's and the Aztecs share the same calendar, by the way. But they were not the only cultures to reference this time period... Many other ancient cultures have as well. So there is something in the collective consciousness of humanity - and the few surviving records over the millenia - that points to this particular time period in history.


But why?

Well, 2012 has come and gone... yet the speculation rages on about what might or might not happen. Perhaps we'll find out one day...




The Fifth Katun

When you look at the center portion of the large stone stele [at the top of this page], the center area - where the face is - shows the time period we currently live in; this is referred to by the Mayans as the Fifth Katun. The entire calendar encompasses five periods of time, each for a total of 5,200 years. However this portion of the calendar - the fifth one - ends on December 21, 2012. And coinciding with this time period is our solar system's alignment with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy... sometimes referred to as the 'galactic alignment'... or aligning with the 'dark rift'.


A little background...

This alignment happens only once every 25,772 years and it's called the 'Precession of the Equinoxes'. Astronomers refer to this as 'axial precession' which is a gravity induced [continuous] change of an astronomical body's rotational axis.
In other words, the Earth wobbles slightly (like a spinning top or a gyroscope) and continues to move westward along the ecliptic, relative to fixed stars. The precession of the Earth's axis has a number of observable effects. First, the positions of the south and north celestial poles appear to move in circles against the space-fixed backdrop of stars, completing one circuit in 25,772 years.





This slow movement is also sometimes referred to as the 'ages', as the Earth is aligned with each one of the 12 Zodiac Signs over this nearly 26,000 year cycle. For instance, we have just recently entered into the age of Aquarius - having been in the age of Pisces for just over 2,000 years...


So why is all this important?

Well... we tend to forget that the Mayans were 'Master Astronomers'. (So were the Egyptians, the Sumarians and the people of ancient India.) The Mayans could predict the solar and lunar eclipses with great precision and they also had a high level of knowledge about the planet Venus - including when it would transit the sun. Only seven Venus transits have occurred since the invention of the modern telescope (1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882 and 2004). But the most recent transit of Venus occured on June 6, 2012... however, that will not occur again for over a hundred years (the next one will be on December 11, 2117).


So how would the Mayans have had such knowledge UNLESS they had some serious technology?

Taking all of that into consideration, we begin to realize that a great deal of history [including ancient technology] has been lost to the sands of time... and we are only now (within the past couple of centuries) beginning to rediscover it. In the meantime, there is great speculation regarding what changes might be taking place in our local universe around the time period of 2012.

But when you think about it, everything in our world is constantly in motion - so it would stand to reason that on occasion, other heavenly bodies may interact with the Earth in such a way as to cause major changes to take place on our planet. And we do know that major changes HAVE taken place all over the planet in our historical past.  Ask any geologist... they would be happy to confirm that.  

But what changes are happening
here on Earth?





Quite a few actually... over the past several years. Here's a short list:


Global Warming

Glaciers are melting a much faster rate... but then again, it depends on where you look. I recently came across an article in National Geographic about the polar ice sheets melting. That said, Earth's climate is always undergoing changes - but there is also a lot of political 'hype' about this... and I don't buy into that simply because I've done my research. And 'Global Warming' is NOT the most serious problem on the planet right now.
NWO, forced 'globalism' and terrorism is. But our government [as well as others that are a part of the NWO] has 'an agenda' to control all energy resources, hence the panicky narrative in liberal circles.

As a case in point, recent evidence has surfaced showing that in one small area of Antarctica (about one quarter of the coastline), the ice is melting at an alarming rate... but they decline to mention that along this portion of the coastline, there are about 70 volcanos. And volcanos all over the planet are in a fairly active cycle right now. Along the rest of the Antarctic continent, the ice is actually increasing. Keep in mind that our government also has technology to control weather - and they use it, sometimes for nefarious reasons. Look up HAARP - which many people think has now has been 'weaponized'.

So yes, there are some changes in climate, folks - and it's probably due to a combination of natural changes as well as manmade manipulation... However... What NO ONE is talking about is the fact that the polar ice caps are also showing some changes on Mars. This tells me that there could be a 'cosmic influence'. For more information regarding Martian changes at the poles, click


Global Flooding

As the waters continue to rise, we are seeing entire communities engulfed by raging rivers - and this is taking place in different countries and on several continents - literally all over the planet. But here's the thing... The flooding we've been seeing is primarily from storm systems and fresh water run off... However if the oceans continue to rise, then anything at sea level - including all coastal cities will also be affected in a major way. Click here for more information.


Larger Storm Systems

Only a few decades ago, it would've been unusual to see even one annual catagory 5 hurricane... and although we would see a storm of this magnatude every once in a while, it was on rare occasions... But today, it's the norm; some sources even claim that we've seen an 80% increase in catagory 4 and catagory 5 storms. We are also seeing incredibly strong tornados - some of which are over a mile wide where they actually touch down [considered 'ground zero']. So hurricanes, blizzards and tornados world-wide have become larger and more intense... The word 'superstorm' is now part of our vocabulary. For more information on storm intensity, click here.


Extremes in Weather Patterns

We are seeing unusual and extreme weather in so many places. I live in the Northeast United States... and I can remember incredibly cold and snowy winters when I was a kid during the 50's and 60's. But on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day 2012, the temperatures in New York City were in the 50's... just as it was during most of November and December during 2011 (except for the 'freak snowstorm' we had in October of 2011). Of course, that was winter - and it did eventually get cold here... but the range in seasonal 'average temperatures' is now completely unpredictable! And the same trend is happening in other places as well... Click here and here for more info.


Below the Earth's Surface / Seismic Activity

The earth's mantle is heating up. So in addition to the 'greenhouse effect' that we should watch for above ground, we are also seeing [formerly dormant] volcanoes awaken all over the planet. The high increase in volcanic activity during the past decade indicates something major is happening. We are also watching Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming very carefully; we have already seen many changes there... For instance, the famous geyser, 'Old Faithful' used to erupt on a very consistent schedule. But for the past several years, some say that it has been erupting more frequently - possibly due to earthquake activity at subterranian water levels. If this 'super volcano' (which is actually a massive caldera) fully destabalizes and erupts - due to it's size, it would be catastophic. Earthquake activity has also increased globally... and in the new millennium, we have seen a significant number of earthquakes at the 9.0 [Richter Scale] level... (Japan, Chile, Haiti... just to name a few). To monitor significant earthquakes [based on the Richter Scale], click here.


Coronal Mass Ejections / Solar Flares

We've known for some time that 2012 would be a year when sun spot formation and solar flares would peak; this is called the Solar Maximum. This activity is driven by the planet Jupiter. Jupiter's 12 year orbit around the sun is eliptical... and because it is the largest planet in our solar system, during the time period that it reaches Perihelion [closest approach to the Sun], the Sun gets more active... and begins to spew X-flares. When Jupiter is at Aphelion [farthest distance from the Sun] mid-way through it's orbital path (about 6 years after Perihelion), activity on the Sun is relatively quiet. Nasa is watching CME's (Coronal mass ejections) with 2 spacecrafts, called STEREO A and STEREO B. But you can actually track these solar storms yourself - and watch them on time-lapse photography - on NASA's SOHO Movie Theater. On that page, leave the resolution at 512 and enter in the dates you would like to observe using the date format given. Select LASCO 3 for the blue screen - which is the best view (or LASCO 2 for infrared).





I've done a lot of research over the years... and have come to the conclusion that NASA consistantly covers up data on a variety of things; they've been doing it for decades. Basically, they have a
hidden agenda. And although this is my personal opinion, there is also a significant amount of evidence to support that statement - three whole pages worth actually - which goes hand in hand with what you're reading here. For more information (which will take you to a different page): click here.




Mass Deaths of Birds and Fish

Another phenomenon that came to my attention in early 2011 was first reported on the news... At first, I thought it was a local issue but then after I looked into it, I discovered reports that this was happening at various places all over the planet. Naturally, things like contamination could cause a local 'fish kill'... But what could cause thousands of blackbirds to fall from the sky? This happened in Arkansas, in the United States... and also as far away as New Zealand - on the other side of the planet. And what could cause 2 MILLION dead fish to wash up in Chesapeak Bay, Maryland? Or two TONS of dead fish to wash up off the coast of Brazil?? We're not talking small numbers here.

Examination of these animals has shown 'no known cause' for their demise. But SOMETHING is killing them... and speculation about what that might be continues. Someone suggested the possibility that a higher level of magnetism might've disturbed something in their brains which would've affected their ability to navigate. The jury is still out on this... But you can read about it here and here. And it's gotten so widespread, that Google now has a map of 'Mass Animal Deaths': click here





2012 Updates



Within the first half of 2012, two very important pieces of information were released...



- Revelation One -





A recent press release stated that for about the past 80 years, the Mexican government has been in the possession of ancient Mayan Codices that bring totally new information to light. They had agreed to release the information and an explosive documentary was made about this, however... that has now been 'shelved'. You'll find more information about this here:


Here's the article released by Reuters in September 2011...


And here is another version of the story in The Guardian...





- Revelation Two -






The second disclosure is mind-blowing.

Apparently, there is tribe in Central Mexico that discovered artifacts in the mid 1950's and used them as jewelry and talismans - without realizing what they were - and that these items actually pre-date other known Mayan artifacts (according to tests conducted in 2011). These artifacts consist of various size stones with amazing carvings on them that depict strange looking beings... with elongated heads and eyes. They also show discs that look like modern UFO's... a knowledge of the heavens (for instance, they clearly depict Saturn with it's rings, the Sun, the Moon, comets, etc.)... And they seem to show what looks like technology - seen in the images of discs - and also in some of the adornments worn by these beings.

According to the documentary maker, Raul Julia-Levy, he had an agreement with the Mexican government to produce this documentary... however, filming was stopped mid-way through production. One of the producers took the films (and the back-up drives) of these discoveries and disappeared with them... claiming that there was a dispute regarding 'film rights' - which has now been going on for many years..

Mexico had agreed to release these codices, artifacts and significant documents which show evidence of Mayan and extraterrestrial contact... and according to them, all of their information would be corroborated by archaeologists. But at this point, it's anyone's guess when (or if) this documentary will ever be released.


Here's the first LINK.  


And here is the second LINK.


There is NO other interpretation for the images on the stones; they speak loudly and clearly of an extraterrestrial presence here on the Earth.

Stay tuned for further updates...

So what does all of this mean?



Photo by NASA


What were the ancient Mayans, Egyptians
and Sumarians trying to tell us?

And more importantly...

Is there something that would tie
'all of the above' together?




But I'm still researching what I've found.


To be continued...

And in the meantime, I will continue adding information...
as it comes to light.




Thanks for visiting!

Doreen Molloy