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Life isn't so much about how to survive the storm...
                  as it is about how to dance in the rain.
-- unknown





Since so many of you have asked for information on meditation, I hope you enjoy the Tips and Techniques on this page and be sure to check out the link to the best Guided Meditation CD's!                              

Meditation is such an amazing gift – and it's one that we can give to ourselves. It can be used as a tool to accomplish many things that (on the surface) might seem insurmountable. In addition to simply meditating to relax, we can also use it to heal ourselves... and that healing can address anything that hurts us – whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Other uses for meditation include balancing our energy fields... affirmative healing [through affirmations]... honing our psychic skills... visualization exercises... tapping into a higher level of wisdom [Divine Source]... sending healing energy to others... and the list goes on. So although there are many ways to make meditation work for you, I will share two of the more popular reasons for meditating:

Your first objective should always be to strive for a state of complete relaxation.

This is an excellent way to decompress from the daily stresses of life – and it can actually help us to “recharge our batteries”. It's really not that difficult to achieve... and if you can follow the few simple instructions as I have listed them below, you'll be meditating in no time at all.

But another popular reason to meditate is to use it as a tool to connect with those in the higher dimensions.

But there is a catch to achieving this;
the key to success rests with accomplishing the first objective - first. If you can achieve a good meditative state [i.e.: total relaxation] with even moderate success, you might be very surprised at what you'll be able to perceive from the higher dimensions.

Meditation CD's are a great tool (both guided meditations and/or meditation music) but in the event you don't have those, I will explain the basics of what you need to know - so you can get started. Once you have the basic formula to achieve deep relaxation, you'll begin to notice that it will take almost no time at all to reach a meditative state on subsequent tries. In fact it's so easy to do, you may find that you can easily slip into a meditative state during different activities that include a relaxing environment. Natural meditative states can be induced by activities like massage, a hot shower or bath, the rhythmic sway of a boat, jogging, a long nature walk… almost anything that would help you to relax.

Guided Meditations

For those of you who would like to try a Guided Meditation CD, I would highly recommend the tracks created by Jackie Haverty. They can be ordered directly from her web site (and they're also available at certain stores as well as on amazon.com)...

So visit Jackie's site for a full range of CD's and other services she provides... and more importantly, you'll be able to listen to several of the mp3 samples of her Guided Meditations. Jackie's voice is very gentle and soothing to listen to... and the amazing background music was created by her friend, Paul Armitage; as he listens to her speak, 'he weaves the music around her words'... all of which takes the listener on an incredible journey...


These guided meditations are available at:
InnerLight Connections


Meanwhile, let's get you on the road to meditation...


Click on the image below,
and you can listen to a peaceful bubbling brook
as you do your meditation.





Meditation is really just like anything else...
First you have to learn a good technique...
and then, you have to practice!






Preparation to Induce Meditation:

You'll need a quiet and comfortable place to meditate with no interruptions. If you can, try to allow a minimum of 30 minutes, but even 15 or 20 minutes will do. It's a good idea to turn the phone off during your meditation time and try to plan it so that you can minimize the possibility of any outside disturbances. [That means that if there's a construction crew working outside, you may want to wait until they break for the day.]

Dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing.

It's preferable to practice your meditation while sitting in a comfortable chair. Although lying down may feel more comfortable, you could actually fall asleep during your meditation; certainly no harm is done should you fall asleep, however you may not get the same meditative effect – or reach your intended goal. [You will just take a lovely nap instead!]

Try to schedule your meditation time before you eat a heavy meal; a full stomach is usually not conducive to a meditative state and can sometimes interfere with your focus.

Set up a small water fountain (or if you already have one, move it to the area you will be using to meditate). Although this is optional, they are very inexpensive and the trickling water is extremely calming; it can sometimes help you to achieve a meditative state more quickly. [Added bonus: If you have kitties, they will enjoy drinking from the running water as much as mine do!]

Meditation music is optional... but if you can find a piece that you really resonate with, you could listen to it when you begin your meditation for five minutes or so… and then continue in quiet from there.  If you decide to mute the music, use a remote control (so that you don't have to get up). Guided CD's and tapes are also fine, but I would limit the ones you use for meditations which are designed for relaxation or inner healing for now; once you are able to sucessfully meditate, you can then explore other types of guided meditation CD's.

Make sure the room is at a comfortable temperature. The key here is not to get five or ten minutes into your meditation time - only to find that the air conditioning is up too high… or the heat is turned way up and you're sweating bullets. “Comfort” is an extremely important component to achieving success.

If you prefer, you can also meditate outdoors, providing there are no major distractions - and you are able to maintain maximum comfort. Some distractions may include dogs barking, horns honking, swarming insects, etc. NOTE: If you will be sitting in the sun even part of the time, be sure to use an effective sunscreen lotion... as well as an insect repellant.

It's also a good idea to use the rest room before you start … as well as having some drinking water next to you in case you need it.



This should be your only goal: To bring your mind, body and spirit into a state of total relaxation. That's all; don't strive for anything more than that to begin with. Once you can achieve full relaxation, you'll be ready to move on to an exercise from there.


Technique Tips:


Mind Set:  When you begin, tell yourself that you are going to experience a state of total relaxation and resonate with the energy of the Living Earth, of which we are all a part. 

Focus on your breathing by slowly breathing in and out while counting seconds of 3 to 4 upon inhaling... and 4 to 5 upon exhaling. (If you can't go that slow, get as close as you can; you will easily attain the right rhythm as you begin to relax.) 

As soon as the rhythm feels right, you no longer need to count numbers... instead, just focus on the sound of your breathing. 

At that point, become conscious of your body. Always start at your feet and become conscious of "how they feel", with the goal being that they feel totally relaxed. The easiest way to achieve this is to tense them - and then relax them. Then move up to your legs using the same exercise, continuing all the way up your body. (If you want to incorporate a visualization technique using the Chakras, you can include that as well.)  The purpose of using this method is so that as you focus on how each area feels (as you tense and relax it), you may realize that you have subconsciously held tension in some of the muscles along the path. This exercise will allow you to release the tension so that your physical body is fully relaxed… feeling almost as though you are floating.

As you complete the areas of the body, imagine that the energy of the Universe is circulating through the Earth, up into your body from your feet, and out through the top of your head - and back into the Universe again.

Once you have achieved a state of total relaxation, you can remain there as long as it feels comfortable. You may end your meditation (whenever you like) by slowly re-focusing on your surroundings and picking up the pace of your breathing to a normal state. If you stand up (after your meditation is done) and feel a little light-headed, it just means that you need to ground your energy fields... which are most likely expanded. Stand up, breathe normally and with your hands along side the top of your head (physically and visually), push the energy down… thereby sending any unused energy down your body, out your feet and back into the Earth. You should feel back to normal but very relaxed in just a few minutes. 



At this point, what you have just done is achieved an altered state of consciousness called the Alpha State. After you've done this a few times, you will be ready to move to the next step.

That process will require that you reach a slightly deeper state of consciousness, one that is sometimes called transcendental or cosmic consciousness.



Connecting With the Higher Realms



Once you're easily able to achieve a full meditative state, the next step is to simply ask to become conscious of your spirit guide or your loved ones in the afterlife, through the grace of Divine Power… and just allow yourself to become fully aware of any impressions you may receive. It may even seem as though you are engaging some input from your five senses; for instance, you may see an image of someone in your minds eye, or it might seem like you heard a name… But since this kind of information is telepathic, you will actually be utilizing your intuitive [or psychic] senses. It's also very common to receive information symbolically; if you do, don't analyze it during your meditation. Analysis can take place when you're done; just acknowledge whatever information comes to you. This process requires that you use something I refer to as 'Your Feeling Mind', instead of your thinking mind – that which we use everyday to assess or evaluate things. But in order to use the feeling mind effectively, you have to 'get out of your own way' so to speak – and turn off the normal thinking process.



This seems to be the part that people have the most trouble with. If that's the case with you - and you're not quite sure how to accomplish this, there is a great visualization technique that you can use.




Just imagine that sitting right next to you is a special box with your name on it; imagine that everything important to you - including all your important thoughts and ideas, are safely tucked away inside that box. As you continue with your meditation, thoughts may infiltrate your mind... but instead of allowing them to interfere with your meditation, acknowledge them – and then put them inside 'your special box' for safe-keeping... until your meditation is completed.



You can rest assured that they will be right there waiting for you when you're done – and you can think freely about them once you've come out of your meditative state...But until then, place all thoughts in your personal box for later retrieval...




The point of doing this exercise will help to reassure you that you are in 'full control' of your meditation. So even though we recognize that outside influences (mostly in the form of intrusive thoughts) will usually surface during a typical meditation, placing them in the box for safe-keeping allows you to control them – instead of the other way around.


Meditation is not a way of making your mind quiet.
It's a way of entering into the quiet that's already there...
buried under the 50,000 thoughts
the average person thinks every day.

Dr. Deepak Chopra   


Meanwhile, give yourself permission to fully experience any conversations, emotions and/or sensations you might experience during this part of the meditation. You may begin to sense the presence of someone in the afterlife; if you do, just relax and enjoy the experience. It's a wonderful way for them to 'visit us' and let us know that their consciousness has survived physical death – and that they will always remain connected to us through bonds of love. Naturally, this can be a very emotional experience, but it is one that you will always cherish and remember.

Connecting with your spiritual guides and teachers can be equally impactful, although it's important for you to know that there are two different types of information that may come through. The first type might include personal insight from your spirit guide that is meant only for you... In other words, it will help to inspire you to a higher level of wisdom. One of the really nice things about having this kind of experience is the realization that your guide/s are always there for you; you may find that you'll begin to rely upon their strength and wisdom in ways that will ultimately enhance your own spiritual growth.

But the other type of insight that can come from a spiritual guide is really meant to be shared with others; you will know the difference (between insight for you and information for others) by the type of information they make you aware of. If you begin to receive insights that you feel you should share with other people, it would make you somewhat of a 'messenger' for humanity. This process is often referred to as channeling - and the information usually comes through as a form of direct communication. It would probably be best to keep a journal and actually write the information down as you are receiving it while in your meditation; it would be very much like taking dictation... except that the 'speakers' are very patient – and will take their time delivering the message as you write it down.



How Information Comes Through /
Where It Comes From



If you prefer, you can actually ask for a connection to higher consciousness – or for specific information; just remember to be open to any information as it comes through – and then analyze it later. Any dialog you have can take place telepathically [Telepathy is a universal language of the mind] and it can be heard by higher levels of consciousness. The information that you receive may come from different sources; some of those sources might include your higher self, your spiritual guides and/or teachers, your loved ones in the Afterlife, Divine Wisdom [a.k.a., God consciousness], cosmic consciousness [those in other dimensions]... or any combination thereof.

Always remember that perceiving higher consciousness is a natural ability and is nothing to worry about. If you begin to experience connections like this, you might also like to keep a journal of all of your memories and experiences during your meditative exercises; it's also a great way to keep track of your progress. So think about writing down a few notes about what you experienced while it's still fresh in your mind... This kind of exercise is both relaxing and uplifting - all at the same time.




Things You Can Say / Ask For



If you're wondering what your communication to higher consciousness should be, there are a few things that you could say or ask for; I will share a few ideas here, but you can customize some of these in a way that is more meaningful to your experience:


~  I am open to receiving a higher level of wisdom...

 I open myself to spiritual growth and understanding...

 As I open myself to higher consciousness, I am in balance and harmony with the universe...

 I am open to manifesting healing energy in my life...

I am filled with the light of higher wisdom and seek a higher purpose...


Those are just a few examples; as you state your purpose, just still your mind – and open your listening to whatever information begins to come through... If you simply feel 'peace and harmony', that is fine as well; enjoy the feeling. There is a Chinese proverb that says: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. So the more prepared you are mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually – to receive higher information, the more likely it is to occur.



Coming Out of Meditation –
To a Full Waking State


To fully complete your meditation, shift your focus back to  'listening to the sound of your breathing'. Count forward from one to five, saying each number like this: “One – As I complete my meditation, I begin to feel refreshed and awake”... “Moving upward to two” and then, “Feeling refreshed and awake”… “Moving up to three”… “Feeling more refreshed and awake”… etc., etc. – all the way to five, saying each number a little louder and more pronounced than the last. * You could even tape record this last part ahead of time and then just play it back when you're ready to end your meditation. And remember: If you stand up and feel slightly light-headed, just ground any excess energy (as I described earlier).

If nothing else, meditation is a wonderful tool for relaxation and in today's busy world, we could all use a little more peace in our lives. It's also very empowering to know that you can induce a peaceful state of mind any time you would like, instead of only having to cope with the stresses that most of us accept as part of our daily lives. The more you practice, the easier it will get… and you might also find that it's a great way to get in touch with a more spiritual side of life.




Our loved ones are always with us... and more importantly, our spirit guides are always ready to share inspirational wisdom with us… We may not have learned how to focus on his or her presence just yet… but with a little practice that could change in the twinkling of an eye!

The insight you can gain from meditation is invaluable; don't be surprised if you also begin to spontaneously sense those you have loved and lost around you (meaning, outside of your meditations). It is a very comforting feeling just to know that they are not only conscious, but that they're still connected to us as well. As a spiritual medium, I also get spontaneous information from time to time, however I'm not able to read for myself (this is the reason why mediums read for each other); so it's necessary for us to seek out someone else to help facilitate a connection.

To that end, every time I'm able to connect with your loved ones, it helps me to know that my loved ones who are now in spirit life - are doing just fine, too. It also empowers me to trust my instincts and also to “know with confidence” that my Spirit Guides are always with me.



A relaxing and uplifting experience




But it's also the key that unlocks the door to
Higher Consciousness...