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Astrology Tidbits




Astrology is a remarkable form of divination which has the ability to provide us with a person's unique characteristics and personal profile. Astrologers study the influence that distant cosmic objects (like the Sun, Moon and planets) have on human lives - based on the position they were in at the time of a person's birth. Astrology actually evolved from astronomy and as far back as ancient times, it was a greatly respected science.

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Most people are familiar with their astrological ‘sign' which refers to one of the 12 constellations of the zodiac. ‘Sun-sign astrology' is the type of astrology you see in newspaper horoscopes; it's probably the simplest form, because nothing more than the date of someone's birthday is needed to generate a sun-sign horoscope. However, most astrologers will tell you that this form of astrology is very simplistic and produces very limited results.

A true astrological chart requires a ‘snapshot' of the placement of all the heavenly bodies at the exact moment of ones birth.

In order to cast an accurate natal chart, you need three things: 1) your date of birth, 2) your exact time of birth... and 3) your location [city and state] of birth.

Note: If you don't know your time of birth, you can request a 'long-form birth certificate' from Vital Statistics in the City Hall of the town that you were born in. And if that doesn't work, speak to the elders in your family - and try to narrow down your time of birth to within a two-hour window.

Skilled astrologers are then able to analyze this natal chart in great detail; it can provide the astrologer with specific information about someone's personality traits, their fears, their strong points, what they are best suited for... and the list goes on.

In addition to being a more complicated form of forecasting, astrologers are also highly intuitive since all forms of divination requires that one is able to listen to their ‘inner wisdom' during the interpretation process.

Meanwhile, if you've never seen your own birth chart, you should check it out. I also offer a Beginner's Workshop for those who would like to know the basics so you'll be able to read all the glyphs on your chart and have some understanding of what it all means. The details are below... and if you'd like to sign up, click here for the workshop page - and just fill out the form at the bottom of that page.




At the moment, I'm not scheduling private astrology readings. So you might be wondering...

How do I find a highly skilled astrologer to do a private reading for me?

Just as in anything else, your best bet is usually through a personal reference; preferably from someone who has had an astrological reading done - one which has provided the recipient with accurate information and insight... And although I have a respectable knowledge of astrology, I'm not offering private readings at this time.

However, I just happen to have the perfect referral...
This is someone that I highly endorse and trust. Not only that, but you can review a bit of her work right here at my web site – and assess her ‘attention to detail' for yourself; I am including (below) some of the information that she shared with me from my own birth chart - many years ago when we first met!


This is Maria DeSimone of Insightful Astrology




Maria is highly respected in her field!

Visit Insightful Astrology to see a full range of the services she offers... and while you're there, be sure to sign up for her Newsletter. It's always fun and informative!

Maria DeSimone is also the creator of Bite Sized Astrology, a unique cooking show (you'll find her on YouTube) where she shares her knowledge of astrology in 'bite sized pieces' while sharing a favorite recipe with her viewers.

I had fun appearing as a guest on Bite Sized Astrology. Click the link below to watch me make one of my favorite recipes: Tortellini with Shrimp & Vegetables while you listen to Maria explain how psychic ability is so prevalent in my natal chart!



Contact Maria DeSimone today
so that she can do an astrological reading for you, too!

take a look at the astrological reading below
that Maria did for me
- before she knew me personally -
as a part of her 'research on psychics'.





Astrological Reading for Doreen Molloy
by Maria DeSimone



So obviously from looking at your birth chart, you're a psychic!
Here are your main indicators of psychic ability:

The Sun, Moon and Rising sign are all in water signs.  This is huge.  Sun and Moon in Pisces makes you an empath before anything else.  It's not uncommon for you to feel other people's pain and anguish and in your earlier days as a psychic, I'm sure you were overwhelmed at times with this.  Pisces is the emotional sponge of the zodiac and you must have learned to do some serious psychic self protection before sessions somewhere along the way.

On a personal note, you attract the 'victims' to you.  People can take advantage of your kindness and mistake it for weakness if you're not careful because it's difficult for you to set boundaries.  I'm sure you've evolved past this 'doormat tendency' by now... but it likely was challenging.

The rising sign or Ascendant is how others first perceive you - it's the 'first impression' and also the doorway to your personality. With Cancer rising, you come across as nurturing and protective.  Self preservation has been very important for you along your life and this enhances your moods and sensitivity.  You are ruled by the Moon so this takes us back to your Pisces Moon.  It is amplified for you via the New Moon.  I don't know much about you personally, but New Moon babies are typically 'listless or lazy' in a certain capacity and for your psychic ability, I see this as you having an easy time surrendering to your ability and trusting it rather than being a lazy person. You fantasize a lot and it is quite easy for you to astrally travel.

The water signs are one way to indicate psychic ability and you already have this, however planets in the water houses [or the ruler of a water house being located in a water house] is another significant indicator and you have this as well.  Let me explain:

On your 8th house cusp, you have the sign Aquarius (you'll see the 14 degrees and 7 minutes and the 2 squiggly lines that is the glyph for Aquarius). Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn.

Now things get more dynamic.  You have Uranus located in Cancer in your 12th house (a water house) and you also have Saturn in Libra in your 4th house (another water house). This is how astrologers weave the web of a horoscope together to see the intricacies - and it's what separates the charts of people with true psychic ability and talent from the rest. This is house rulership.

The Neptune-Saturn conjunction in your 4th house is quite grounding for your psychic ability.  Neptune dissolves boundaries but Saturn erects them.  Together in your 4th house of the soul, it creates the ability to see into the soul purpose of others easily and help them to structure it.  This might be a specialty of yours. 

The Sun and Moon make a beautiful trine to Uranus in Cancer in your 12th.  Uranus is the planet of telepathy and this is where you get your mediumistic ability. Uranus is the higher vibrations and you can easily tune your energy (Sun) and instincts (Moon) into this vibration.

The signatures I have found for mediums always include either a tight contact from the Sun or Moon to Uranus or from Mercury to Uranus.  You have the contact with Sun and Moon (wider orb - but because it's connected with your Sun, it's permissible). That's pretty impressive!

Mercury at an angle also seems to be associated with mediumship although in other charts, it's usually connected
to Uranus as well. Your Mercury was retrograde or moving backwards at your birth... so this would mean that you internalise your thoughts more than others before you express them. It's common for people born with Mercury Rx to have learning disabilities or delays in speech as a child because they process the world differently. In adults, it's often a signature of someone with amazing writing talent. Posited in the 9 th house of publishing - along with your Sun and Moon, it's no wonder that you're a published author!

At age 6 or 7, there may have been a psychic awakening for you since at this time, retrograde mercury aligned with your Sun and activated that trine to Uranus. This may have been when you were first starting to talk with spirits, angels or even God. Learning or communication issues in general would have been strong at this age as well.

So these are your personal basic psychic indicators based on my work. I hope it's somewhat understandable for you to read this, since you mentioned astrology not being your forte.

Again, I appreciate so much your willingness to participate in my research.

Incidentally, your degree of Cancer rising indicates that you are very well connected to the old, the soul, one's roots and heritage and deep traditions. This is where your love of archaeology comes in as well.

It's fun to be an astrologer and notice all the past life ties we have with people through the birth charts... as well as to compare charts and see what two people are meant to learn from one another in this life. The North node is a point in horoscopes that indicates what your soul is meant to aspire to learn and how you are meant to grow in this current incarnation. Your natal Neptune – the planet of spirituality, psychic development and creativity indicates that you will prove to be instrumental to others in accelerating their own [psychic] development.

There are some major life changes happening for you starting around April 2009 based on your horoscope.  Very exciting and promising in terms of publishing and your income (that's always good!)  Are you about to get picked up by a major publishing house or do you plan international travel with the work you do during this time?  It might be both and it might also involve international publishing or teaching.  The energy is dynamic... The wonderful thing about astrology is that once you see what cycles of opportunity are coming up, you can utilize your free will to put the energy towards the most positive direction possible.  I love astrology!!!

My Sun is in Taurus and that is one of the most practical, grounded signs of the zodiac, so for me this is very important.  You have your Venus and Jupiter in Taurus - so you've got the same desire to put spiritual matter into physical form.  The Taurus lesson is to trust that matter is real either way.  As a Pisces, you trust that instinctively and long to reconnect with it... but those Taurus planets will agree with my Taurus Sun and say "Prove it!"

For your information, on my scale of psychic indicators, a score of 5 or more proves marked psychic potential, a score of 6 or more is someone who displays 'extraordinary psychic ability' and a score of 7 or more is in the 'psychic genius' category.

The highest score is 9 and there were no charts in that range. All the professional psychics (of renown and not) scored a 7 or 8 and in my control group of 'random' charts out of 30 charts none of them scored an 8 and only 2 scored a 7! The research is very promising!!!

Your chart scored a 7 easily so you're in the 'psychic genius' category. You do have the criteria to put you on an 8 just so you know, but because I wanted to be as 'stingy and scientific' as possible so that the work is validated, I kept your chart as a 7. Either way – 7 or 8, it's a psychic genius. But I wanted to mention it because I know that as a woman who has Mercury and Mars in Aries (Mars in Aries has a competitive streak and a need to always go beyond their personal best), there is a part of you that needs to be 'number one' in what you do and in all of your endeavors. You're definitely in the cream of the crop!!!



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to view Doreen Molloy's Natal Chart