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PowerPoint Presentations



Lectures on Controversial Topics


What do these three things have in common?


The subject matter for each presentation
is different... however, they each contain
'previously undisclosed information'...

which I will reveal in great detail,
since each one is of special interest to me!

The dynamically animated
PowerPoint Presentations
about each of these topics are unlike
anything that you've ever seen before!

In fact, some of the images
might really shock you.
However, all of the information that
I've discovered is well sourced.


So if you'd like to take a trip
down the rabbit hole...

Join me for an enlightening afternoon!





As many of you know, in addition to my work as a psychic medium, I am also a writer and researcher.  And I’m so excited to be able to now offer the following PowerPoint Presentations in a Lecture / Discussion format.


Each PowerPoint presentation takes about 90 minutes to complete. A list of books, web links, videos, and other sources referrenced during the presentation is available upon request, especially if you enjoy doing your own research and follow-up.


What a great way to spend an afternoon,
on a journey of discovery!



Register for one of the PowerPoint Presentations
described below, and I'll get you scheduled!





Strange Anomalies
About the Earth’s Moon



Very few people know that NASA has tens of thousands of photographs available that we can now view, through various databases which they have made available on the internet... and some of those photos are absolutely SHOCKING!

Of course, you do need to know where to look - and how to spot the anomalies, and I just happen to have a trained eye for that.

I’ve also pieced together information from other sources as well, like Google Moon, astronomer videos, telescope imagery, astronaut statements, etc. – in order to provide you with a greater understanding of just how much information has actually been hidden from us. 

Someone else is on the Moon...
And they’ve been there for a very long time.


Presentation Time: 90 Minutes
Fee: $100.00





A Revealing Look at the Fourth Planet



Ever since the Viking missions took place in the 1970’s, we've heard that the red planet is nothing more than a wasteland, without water and devoid of life.  
But is that really accurate?? 

Well... When you see what’s actually up there, it’s going to blow your mind!  NASA, along with the NSA (and other ‘alphabet soup agencies’)... have been keeping us in the dark for decades.

Until now...

I'll show you plenty of evidence of Photoshop tampering... but you'll also see some interesting images from the European Space Agency (ESA) and Google Mars. I'll show you surface water and blue skies, structures, ancient monuments and artifacts - like statues and pyramids, and recent photos taken from the Mars rovers that will leave you absolutely stunned, especially the latest images from Curiosity Rover.

So if you previously thought that there was 'no life on Mars'... THINK AGAIN.


Presentation Time: 90 Minutes
Fee: $100.00






Pyramids of the Earth:
Technology Lost to the Sands of Time


If you’re like most people, you probably have some knowledge of the pyramids of Egypt... and you might also be familiar with some of the Mayan pyramids in Central America.  But did you know that pyramids exist on ALL SEVEN CONTINENTS - and under the oceans?  Why are they all over the planet?  Who built them?  Some of them were built in prehistoric times, but have an astounding level of technology... yet we know virtually nothing about those who constructed them. 

You connect some very strange dots... Because what I have pieced together might make you look at pyramids in a very different light. If you join me for this presentation, you'll find out how pyramid complexes are connected to other locations in the Cosmos - and there is even photographic evidence that these structures exist on at least four other planetary bodies!


Presentation Time: 90 Minutes
Fee: $100.00



Register for one of the PowerPoint Presentations
described above, and I'll get you scheduled!






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