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Proof Positive ~ Metaphysical Wisdom





"When you change the way you look at things...
the things you look at change."

--Wayne Dyer



A few excerpts from:

Proof Positive ~ Metaphysical Wisdom




From Chapter 4:
'Assessing the Paranormal'

When it comes to 'proof', just because something hasn't been scientifically proven, doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. What we essentially need to understand, is what the word proof means. Although most dictionaries may contain a long list of definitions for one word, they usually do so by listing them with the most popular [agreed upon] definitions at the top.

In this case, The American Heritage College Dictionary's very first definition of proof is as follows
: 1} The evidence or argument that compels the mind to accept an assertion as true. Therefore, it is through evidence that we form a conclusion or judgment… and it isn't necessarily through scientific testing that we may acquire that evidence. Scientific principles can not be limited to our current knowledge because as humans, we are always in a constant state of reinventing ourselves, especially from the perspective of discovery and expanding our base of knowledge. Providing scientific evidence also requires that we have the tools to detect the evidence and so as our technology continues to develop new tools, it follows that more natural laws of physics will become 'known'.

Meanwhile, try to remember that all assessments are really about perception. What we observe in our physical world is our only point of focus, meaning the only level of consciousness that we are normally aware of… But if you hypothesize that there may be other dimensions… then our world could appear very different - from those levels of observation......



From Chapter 1:
The Real You'

It was only when I began looking within 'to my inner senses' that I increased my range of perception. I began to realize that there is a difference between people who recognize that they are psychic and those who don't acknowledge the psychic realm as part of their everyday reality. The psychic person does not accept the limitations of the conscious mind; in other words, he or she is aware that other states of consciousness exist. Unfortunately, that doesn't reflect mainstream views... meaning, those who don't identify with their 'psychic selves'. Many people don't recognize - nor do they accept - anything other than the physical system.  

All other forms of consciousness are denied......





From Chapter 8:
'Why Bad Things Happen in the Physical World'

I believe that the condition of our lives, including our environment, is the direct result of our own expectations. What we sometimes refer to as imagination can be a very powerful tool… We should probably be mindful of the 'pictures we paint' with it. In other words, our thoughts can become real, in physical terms… because we actually give them life. 'Thought becomes Energy'… and all energy takes shape within the world of matter. As a result, our expectations send out telepathic suggestions to others. The same principals are at work if we have a belief in 'evil'. Evil doesn't exist in the way we might think; it's the perception of evil that we embrace, which is nothing more than the energy of our hidden fears. Ultimately, we are the creators of our own reality; the authors of our own 'book of life'. It is the way we shape our future, for better or worse......





From: Chapter 9:
'The Transition of Death'

Conceivably, I think that most if not all life altering decisions are directed by Subconscious Wisdom. Maybe that's why none of us can precisely predict [not even psychics] when or how we will pass into spirit. It is a decision that must be made twofold: first, when the soul decides that the challenges it has accepted have reached completion… and second, at the point of departure. On a purely spiritual level, the death experience is simply used as a 'doorway' to exit the physical system and enter the next realm. But on a conscious level, it still feels like the Bogeyman is hiding under the bed, just waiting for us to drift off to sleep so he can snatch us up and devour us!

I'm sure that most people are more concerned with the actual transitioning of death than they are once they have completed that transition into spirit energy. So although they might not be afraid of death, they are still afraid of dying. The thought of how our deaths might take place leaves us with an extremely uncomfortable feeling. We can't help but think of possibilities like … What if it's painful? Or… Will it be fast? We also have to deal with issues about separation anxiety. It's natural for us to wonder… What will happen to the people we love and are leaving behind? Will they be all right? Will I be all right? By this time, the fear factor escalates to the point that the human mind will do the only thing it knows how to do to protect itself: It shuts down. Like an ostrich with its head in the sand, we just figure it's better not to know… After all, we can't do anything about it, right? So our reasoning is that we just won't think about it because it frightens us too much… Except you will think about it.

But what if you had 'evidence' that you would be all right after physical death takes place? What if you knew that once you made your transition, not only would you become whole again… with no more pain or infirmities, but that you would also remain conscious and retain your memory and your personality as well? As you try to imagine the kind of peace of mind that scenario would bring you, I will tell you that there are many who have encountered that evidence first hand......




From Chapter 12:
'The Gateway'

There may still be a few of you who think that psychic or mediumistic abilities are merely a product of the imagination; if you do, you might first contemplate what imagination is. It can be defined as invention or inspiration… or illusion, delusion or conception. Which definition seems to fit? It may not be as clear-cut as you might think… Is imagination a fleeting thought that's simply cast to the wind… or is it a tool to deal with reality in a creative way? You might recall me saying, “Thought creates energy”… In more practical terms, every artist that dares to stroke a canvas has the ability to bring imagination to life… and what once started as a simple spark of the imagination, may end up as a priceless piece of artwork for the whole of humanity to enjoy.

Imagination is indeed a product of the mind, but so are many other functions of conscious thought... like intellect, dreams, memory, reasoning… and interpreting just about everything else we must deal with in order to survive. I would agree that it's probably unlikely that you would have had all of the experiences, exactly like the ones I've described in this book, although you could experience them if you chose to. Without a doubt, it is a personal choice. But as in anything you choose to explore, you may want to take a closer look at the 'abilities of the mind' as they work within the context of paranormal functioning.

The mind is not a closed system or a finite place or space… but rather acts as a 'gateway'. It functions as the gateway between the conscious and the sub- conscious; it operates as a bridge between physical and non-physical systems. As the mind straddles the edge of both worlds, it moves back and forth between waking reality and sub-conscious information. It does so, with the ebb and flow of compromise so that the spiritual and physical aspects of the self may co-exist in a dance of life. And even that doesn't really speak to the accuracy of all that might exist. When I refer to both worlds, I am naturally referring to the spirit world and the physical system... but the truth of the matter is that we probably live in a multidimensional universe where there are multiple layers of existence to explore.

If you're wondering where the brain might fit into this package, it simply serves as the mechanism that keeps all of your physical parts working. It delivers the commands to the physical body via its processing systems. These commands dictate mundane things like movement and growth; they control pain and countless other electrical impulses that provide instructions to the body which I am hardly qualified to explain… but you get the gist of it. When the heart stops and the body expires, the brain expires with it.
The mind never dies.

Consciousness of the mind is pure energy and energy never dies;
conscious thought simply remains with the spiritual body, once the physical body dies. That energy might change… it can continue to grow… it may evolve into something greater than itself, but it never fades away into nothingness......





From 'The Introduction':

I've found that 'higher learning' shows up in our lives in many different ways. It's accessible to all those who seek it and is really the richest part of our heritage. The question is: How do we find it? Which door do we open, so to speak, to find the answers? For each of us, the journey is different; it is always unique. I can only tell you that my life changed in the most profound way when I opened the door to the Spirit World.

As I share with you what I have discovered through the chapters of this book, perhaps you will go on your own journey of discovery. All you need is an open mind and a sense of adventure. It also requires that you 'break out of the mold' that society has imposed on us. We are trained from an early age regarding what to believe and what not to believe… by our religious institutions, our governments, our parents, our schools - just about everyone who has assumed the authority to control our thinking.

It is only when you open your mind to 'all knowledge', that you begin to have a sense of who you really are… You must keep in mind that each one of us becomes an explorer on our own path, which ultimately takes us to a point of entry… and to our very own door of knowledge. Arriving there is the ultimate gift because that's when the pieces of our lives finally fit together.  It is only then, that you realize what "home" really means.  It is the moment you have spent your whole life seeking to understand...


So you're probably wondering…
'What is this great enlightenment?'



Order your book today… and find out!



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~~ The Introduction ~~
The "Black Hole" / Facing Fear / Opening the Secret Door

Chapter 1
~~ The Real You ~~
Connecting With the Part of You Called "Spirit"

Early Experience / Intuitiveness / Soul Searching /
Precognition / Becoming Aware
/ A Visit from Grandma /
From the Mouths of Babes / The Tarot / Psychic Development


Chapter 2
~~ Sacred Spirituality ~~
Feeling Connected Without Religious Conflict

What Spirituality Is / Natural vs. Supernatural /
Our Historical Conversations / The Boxes We Live In /
Outdated Systems / More of the Same Old Spin / Knowledge is Power


Chapter 3
~~ Mediumship ~~
The Role of a Psychic Medium

The History of Mediumship / Famous Trance Mediums /
What to Expect
/ Telepathy / Different Types of Mediums /
How the Process Works
/ The Spirit Communicator /
What Constitutes Evidence
/ Interpretation /
Empathic Information
/ Spontaneous Communication


Chapter 4
~~ Assessing the Paranormal ~~
Distinctions, Research and Skeptics

Which Skill is Which? / Making a Double Connection /
Early Seances of the 1900's / Current Research Projects /
Types of Skeptics and Debunkers /
Defining an 'Expert' Opinion /
There's Nothing Amazing Here /


Chapter 5
~~ Spirit Guides ~~
My Personal Encounter…A Meeting I Will Never Forget!
A Guiding Force / A Trip to The Valley / The Meeting /
Eyes That Don't See / The Power of Hypnosis /
Inspiration From the Higher Realms
Learning to Meditate, Technique Tips

Chapter 6
~~ A Teacher from the Spirit World ~~
How He Assisted Me With the Communication Process
Invading My Inner Space /
A Life Story
/ It's 'Show Time' /
Open Channels
/ Tuning In to the Frequency /
Symbolic Information


Chapter 7
~~ Consciousness in Other Life Forms ~~
Do Animals Have Souls?
Animal Consciousness / Telepathy Is a Universal Language /
Mediums and Animal Spirits / Interspecies Communication /
Animals in Their Natural Habitat /
Koko and Michael


Chapter 8
~~ Why Bad Things Happen in the Physical World ~~
Exploring the Concepts of... Reincarnation, Time & Health
As They Manifest in the World of Matter

Thought Becomes Energy / What 'Evil' Really is / Choices /
The Point of Reincarnation
/ The Concept of Time /
The Reflection in the Mirror
/ Our Physical Health /
Eastern & Western Thought on: Body


Chapter 9
~~ The Transition of Death ~~
An Understanding of the Next Dimension
Grief Recovery / Existence on the Edge of Life /
Don't Talk About the Bogeyman
: More Evidence of the Afterlife /
How Beliefs Create Our Psychological Environment
Life Lessons / Love / Suicide


Chapter 10
~~ The Nature of Your Spirit ~~
And Other Kinds of Spiritual Energies
The Ignorance of Hollywood / Ghosts / Poltergeists /
Thought Forms
/ Spirit Guides / Angels /
The Divine Spirit Within Us: 'Soul
*Spirit*Higher Self' /
The Aura / The Chakras


Chapter 11
~~ The Collective Conciousness ~~
From the Power of Prayer... to Great Disasters
The Evolution of Mankind / The Power of Prayer /
September 11, 2001
How Spiritual Agreements Might Work
/ The Cast of Players /
The Collective Unconscious


Chapter 12
~~ The Gateway ~~
Beyond the Mind
Exploring the Dream Connection /
Probing the Subconscious /
Coincidence vs. Synchronicity /

A Final Message From Mom

Learning to Hone the Skill / The Limits of the Mind /
"The Mind Never Dies"

* * *
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