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Proof Positive ~ Metaphysical Wisdom

Book Introduction



     Every person on the planet has fears… I'm sure mine contributed to the person I am today. During my formative years, the one thing I feared the most was death. It wasn't so much a fear of my own death, as it was the whole concept. As a young child, I asked all the normal questions and eventually, I got around to the subject of mortality. When I asked my parents, "What happens to someone when they die?", my mother said, "Nobody really knows for sure, Honey", having considered herself a devout agnostic. My father was much more predictable; he said, "Go ask your mother". Well, that cleared it up nicely; by the age of five, I was left with the impression that death was a 'black hole' where everybody goes when you get all finished with life. I'm sure they meant well; they loved me in their own way and did their best to teach me what they thought I needed to know to get by... As for the rest, well... they just didn't think it was that important... They were wrong.

That aspect of 'not knowing' would haunt me for many years to come. I needed to understand, and no one seemed to have any explanations that made sense, let alone words that would comfort me. This included the equally frustrating dialog that would occasionally come from others, incorporating a religious spin on the story. The proverbial answer that "God works in mysterious ways", did absolutely nothing to answer any of my questions; if anything, it just confused me even further.

As I got a little older, I can still remember my apprehension over the thought of entering a funeral home; I was terrified of the day when I would have to attend a wake. In fact, I was twenty years old the first time I saw the dearly departed lying in a casket. My dear friend, Renee' had lost her father to cancer after only three months of finding out that he had the disease… It had happened so quickly and was a devastating loss to her entire family. No matter what my fears were, I had to be there for her. She was my closest friend, and to this day, we have remained good friends. But I don't think that she ever knew what a wreck I was on that particular day… or how deep my fears really were. But a strong, abiding friendship is a powerful persuader, and so I finally attended my first 'wake'.

In retrospect, I smile now when I think about how ironic it is, that the very domain I feared the most, now calls to me through those who whisper about love, compassion and hope. I guess my first real lesson about death was learning that it takes courage not to fear… what you have been taught to fear.

From that day on, I faced my anxiety about death head-on and made up my mind that I would learn everything I could about why it affected me in this way. I can honestly say that I grew from the experience in ways that I could never have imagined. The research I did was instrumental in helping me appreciate that there were many different roads that lead to knowledge.


          Some roads offered tantalizing clues about extraordinary things that we aren't always familiar with. In fact, the more strange the data was, the more it intrigued me. By this time, I was on a mission.

And so for nearly fifteen years, I have been involved in various types of psychic phenomena and have come to realize that death is just another part of life… allowing my earlier fears to dwindle away to nothing more than a childhood memory. The experience I've gained from the metaphysical world has been truly amazing… always exciting and in many cases, a lot of fun. There have been a few sad times as well, when those who seek my assistance are dealing with a deep level of grief. But after years of research and assisting others with my abilities, this kind of work makes me feel very good about what I do. It's also a very emotional and deeply humbling experience for me. I now recognize that my efforts as a psychic reader pale by comparison to the more current course of work and research that I have undertaken within the field of mediumship. This is where I feel that I will be of the most good to humanity since there are very few of us who provide this type of service. As a deeply spiritual person, I am very clear about the fact that it is through the grace of Divine Spirit, that I am able to hear, feel and sense those who have made the transition to the spirit world. At the same time, I've also had to work hard to hone the ability. But without exception, it is the most amazing thing that I have ever been privileged to be a part of.


         I've since come to realize that the greatest contribution I could make to my fellow man, would be to write about all that I've discovered. If there is even the slightest chance for the people in other corners of our planet to recognize the immortal nature of our very being, then perhaps one day… it would have the ability to unify our species.

Although I probably have a better understanding about psychic and spiritual concepts than most people have, I also try to remember that there is always more to learn... and that each day, I am a beginner once again. I should mention that I'm not crazy about the word 'expert'. Although what I do requires a specific kind of knowledge on subjects that some people are only vaguely familiar with, the implication that any one of us has discovered all there is to know seems silly in my mind. Besides, too much ego isn't good for the spirit. I realized a long time ago that life is all about learning. Not only am I very sure of that, but I'm equally sure that I'll continue to seek answers for as long as I'm on the planet. And I honestly think that I wouldn't want it any other way.


           Meanwhile, there are several things that I wish to share with you in this book. Since every human being is unique, the notion of reality means something different to each of us; it is defined by what we call 'truth'... meaning, that which we believe to be true in the world around us. My personal reality includes having an awareness of others who are not in physical form. They are as real to me as the book you hold in your hands. And every time I pass along a message from the spirit realm to those who are meant to receive it, the amazing confirmations of those messages are all the proof I will ever need… "that human consciousness continues to exist after physical death".

As I take you through the following chapters, I will offer you an understanding of life and death, as well as the spiritual aspects of both in a simple and easy to read manner. It's about becoming spiritually conscious and it's a lot easier than you think. I also realize that an important part of what society believes as a whole has a lot to do with what religions teach. Nevertheless, I think that you can have the best of both worlds; meaning, an awareness of a living spirit dimension - without having any religious conflict. This is a very important aspect of the book since many people don't realize that religion and spirituality are different, and in many cases, the philosophy of each has very little to do with the other. Hopefully, I can entice you to discover the energetic relationship you have with the spirit world - including the one to your higher self - whether you have strong religious beliefs, mediocre ones or none at all.

I will also share with you some of the things I'm able to sense during a meditative state, so that I might demystify the process of mediumship a little bit… as I walk you through it, step by step. It's one way of giving you the opportunity to appreciate how all of this works from the mediums' perspective, as we create a link to those in the afterlife.

This is a simple book, in that it speaks to the heart. I only ask that you try to 'feel' what I convey through my words, as you process the information I pass on to you. The sense of feel [clairsentience] is how a medium reaches out and touches the spirit of those in the afterlife. In the same manner, my words are meant to touch your spirit, as I share with you the revelations of my own quest for understanding which began many years ago. Just like most of you, I also needed to understand my place in the universe, and exactly what my role was in the greater scheme of things… I believe I now have an understanding of that knowledge.

It has been an exciting journey and at the same time, given me such inner peace, that it was one of the reasons I was motivated to write this book. But the other reason I chose to write about this subject is more important. And that is... that so many of us suffer through the pain of paralyzing grief when someone we love dies. And for some, grief isn't always a transient phase; it can go on for many years. It's a process that we all must deal with, sooner or later… At the same time, I would also like you to keep in mind that seeking out a medium should never be regarded as a replacement for grief counseling. However, by sharing an alternative perspective with you, it may open up the possibility in your mind that there is more to life and death than what your five senses tell you there is. This doesn't mean that you won't feel difficult emotions like sadness and anxiety whenever you lose someone you love. It just means that you may be able to go on with your life in a more positive and productive way with the knowledge that your loved ones haven't gone into the 'black hole' of the unknown.

The spirit world is no longer the anonymous dimension that it used to be; many of us have an awareness of this reality and many more are learning how to become conscious of it. I guess in retrospect, I have to wonder if the fears of my youth were really about how I conceptualized 'death'… or perhaps, it was something much simpler than that. It most likely stemmed from the same dilemma that we all face at one time or another… and that is simply confronting a 'Fear of the Unknown'.

As I look back on those early years, that incomprehensible anxiety was the very thing that set me on the path where I find myself today. My success in getting past that fear was largely due to my willingness to shift a negative conversation into a positive one. When it comes to any fear, we ultimately have two choices: 1} We can allow it to paralyze us - and never live up to our fullest potential… or 2} We can shift the perspective, accept the challenge and create new possibilities. Eventually, I was able to transform that fear into a vehicle for opportunity.

I've found that higher learning shows up in our lives in many different ways. It is accessible to all those who seek it and is really the richest part of our heritage. The question is: "How do we find it?"… Which door do we open, so to speak, to find the answers? For each of us, the journey is different; it is always unique. I can only tell you that my life changed in the most profound way when I opened the door to the Spirit World.

As I share with you what I have discovered through the chapters of this book, perhaps you'll go on your own journey of discovery. All you need is an open mind and a sense of adventure. It also requires that you 'break out of the mold' that society has imposed on us. We are all trained from an early age regarding what to believe and what not to believe… by our religious institutions, our governments, our parents, our schools - just about everyone who has assumed the authority to control our thinking and our lives. If you can shelve those thoughts for just a little while, you may realize that society is in dire need of a change… especially at a time when there is so much dissension and instability in the world.

Well, I am about to share with you what I found when I looked beyond 'the door', as I opened myself to the hidden world on the other side. But before I do, I want you to keep in mind that each one of us becomes an explorer on our own path, which ultimately takes us to a point of entry… and to our very own door of knowledge. Once you are able to open your mind to intuitive information, you may begin to have a sense of who you really are. Even when we hit a few ruts along the road of life… or sometimes feel a little lost, arriving at a place called 'Wisdom' is the ultimate gift because that's when the pieces of our lives finally fit together. It is only then, that you realize what 'home' really means. It is the moment that you have spent your whole life seeking to understand...

So if you're wondering…  

What is this great enlightenment?  What was waiting for me behind the door when I finally found the key and opened it?  

The last thing I ever expected to find……
'A New Reality'.







  Going Home... 

When the first rays of the sun
          lift above the horizon,
All life awakens
          to the creation of a new day…
And with it the lessons of eternity
          are learned…
For each of us have come for this alone;
To heal and be healed in the arms
          of Mother Earth,
And to find that which we seek
          all our lives…
The Love that binds all things;
And only then, as the sun sets...
          may we go Home.

Doreen Molloy
       © 1988



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