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Frequently Asked Questions



The questions below seem to be among the most common.
If you are planning to schedule a mediumistic session with me,
it's very important that you review the information below.

I want to be sure that you understand the process
and that the information I provide to you
will indeed meet your expectations.


Q.} Can anyone learn how to be a Psychic or a Medium? 

Q.} What kind of questions can I ask during a psychic reading?

Q.} Why do some psychics use Tarot cards when they do a psychic reading?  

Q.} When I'm asking for insight about other people, do I need to give you their date of birth? 

Q.} What's the difference between a Psychic and a Medium? 

Q.} If I select a 'Psychic & Spiritual Development' reading, will that include mediumship - or - communication with Spirit Guides?

Q.} How can I get a free sample?  Can I ask one question without you charging me? 

Q.} How does Spirit communication take place? 

Q.} Is there any difference between a phone reading - or seeing a psychic medium in person?  How can it work over the phone?

Q.} During a mediumship session, how do you know that the information you get is actually from those in the afterlife? 

Q.} So if someone has lost their spouse or their parent, they could go to a medium and receive a message from that person's Spirit?

Q.} Is it ever "too soon" to have a mediumistic reading? 

Q.} I lost someone that I loved dearly... and I'm so depressed that it often seems unbearable... Would a reading help? 

Q.} I lost someone to suicide… and I keep feeling like I should’ve seen the signs; how do I deal with this?  And can a medium still connect with my loved one – if they took their own life? 

Q.} What kind of messages do Spirits share with a Medium? 

Q.} Can we expect [or ask] the deceased to provide the medium with ‘specific information'... like a pet name - or a secret word... in other words, ‘something only you and the deceased would know'? 


Q.} During a mediumistic reading, is there any difference in the information that comes through – if another person is sitting in with me during the session? 

Q.} What if I have lost a child?  Should I request a session with my husband/wife? 

Q.} Can Mediums [or anyone else] see Spirits? 

Q.} Is it true that people who have returned from a 'near death experience' [NDE] seem to possess psychic abilities afterward?

Q.} Is it possible to receive messages from Animal Spirits? 

Q.} I have an important decision to make... Can my loved ones in the afterlife help me with that? 

Q.} Can I ask questions concerning health matters? 

Q.} What if I preferred to connect with my Spirit Guide or my spiritual teachers... Can I do that during a mediumistic session? 

Q.} I’m interested, but skeptical about having a reading… and I don’t want to give you any information at all up front, including my name or contact information. Can I make an appointment with you ‘Anonymously’? 

Q.} Many people have trouble believing anything at all about psychic abilities... How do you handle the hardcore skeptics? 

Q.} What if my religious views differ from yours; does that matter?

Q.} Regarding the people who advertise on TV or in magazine ads at those 900 # phone lines... Are they actually 'psychic'? 



Q.}     Can anyone learn how to be a Psychic or a Medium?

and no. If you have an open mind and an adventurous soul… and you're willing to work hard to hone your skills, becoming more psychic (or intuitive) is something that anyone can learn to do.  It's actually a natural ability, however most people have been so conditioned by society to believe otherwise, that they automatically consider these abilities to be 'supernatural'.

Mediumship is a little bit different... All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. However, if you do have awareness of dimensions beyond the physical realm, then conceivably you would be able to hone your skill at this as well... although it is very different than any other type of psychic ability - and it does require some training. You may want to read through the FAQ for mediums which might help to answer some of the questions you might have about your own personal experiences - or you may even want to sign up for one of my personal workshops on Psychic Development or Mediumship Development.

A good place to start exploring any kind of psychic phenomena is by reading up on topics that intrigue you. Check out my book, Proof Positive... As far as personal development is concerned, working on your abilities is just like anything else... you will get out of it whatever you put into it.  If you are open to new possibilities and have a desire to learn, then you will. Some other key elements to success are utilizing a good meditation technique, learning to focus... and also becoming 'spiritually grounded'.  ^


Q.}    What kind of questions can I ask during a psychic reading?

You can ask just about anything; but try to remember that the more specific the question is, the more specific the answer will be. Asking specific questions usually triggers an immediate response in the psychic reader... and if you prepare your questions ahead of time, you can cover a lot of ground in a very short period of time.

During a general psychic reading, most people have questions that fall into the major life areas... and they would like deeper insight into things like relationships, business, etc. However, I've noticed that very few people seek out a reading 'just for the fun of it'. More often than not, they have serious issues at hand - and a skilled psychic can usually shed light on most situations. This can be very useful - and can assist you in making decisions... or perhaps even moving in a whole new direction.

At the same time, it is not a psychic's job to make those decisions for you - or to tell you how to live your life; those are decisions that you alone must make. 'Free will' and the ability to make choices is a very important part of our Earthly existance - and no one has the right to interfere with that.

Meanwhile, you can ask any questions you like during a reading concerning events, situations or the people in your life - and no matter what the situation is (meaning, common or uncommon), a skilled psychic should always be able to provide you with deeper insight into what's going on.

Having said that, there are two things that I don't predict...

On occasion, a client will ask me if I can predict the death of someone. If someone's death is imminent, I can sometimes see that... However I believe that when we die, this is a decision that is made at a soul level; not consciously, of course... (If we were conscious of it, it would be all we would be able to think about!)... So it is on a very subconscious level. But this is why some people make thier transition in the blink of an eye... and others, are given 24 hours to live - and yet they stick around for another year. So only the soul knows when 'it's time to depart'.

And the other thing that I don't predict is lottery numbers, horse races, football games... or anything to do with gambling.  ^


Q.}    Why do some Psychics use Tarot cards when they do a reading?

Many psychics use various different tools when reading for others. Divination through the use of the Tarot is simply a way of exploring the influences that are present in your life. The items that a psychic works with are referred to as 'divination tools'. They can be Tarot and/or playing cards, astrological charts, numerology or gematria, crystal balls, gemstones, pendulums, tea leaves, coffee grounds, runes, shells, beads or any combination of these items… It's basically a personal choice.

For some general information about the Tarot, click here.

When a psychic uses a Tarot layout [as they conduct a reading], they are using it as a tool to interpret the sensory data they receive from your [vibrational] energy field (or the sound of your voice, if you're on the phone) -- along with the impressions they receive from the card layout.

If you are interested in learning more about how to read the Tarot, you may want to take my beginner's class, Introduction to Tarot. Click on the link for more info...

Other forms of divination might include astrology, numerology, the I-Ching... and others; so there are many possible ways to conduct a reading and divine the future. ^


Q.}    When I'm asking for insight about other people, do I need to give you their date of birth?

No... Someone's birth date, time of birth and place of birth is only required to create an accurate natal chart for an astrological reading, but not for a psychic reading.

However if you are asking about yourself and you would like me to include some astrological insight during your reading, you may request that in the comments section of the appointment request form... and I'll be happy to look at your natal chart during your reading. Just be sure to include all of the above birth info along with your request.

For more detailed information about Astrology, click here. ^



Q.}     What's the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

When you use psychic ability, you're using the mind to access information that is not always obvious within the normal, waking state.  Even though it's information that's really available to everyone, most people haven't learned to focus in that way.  If they did, they would find that information is also available by something other than [or in addition to] 'the five senses'.  So psychic ability is really nothing more than 'over-developed intuitiveness'. 

Mediumship is different… In order to create a connection with the those in the afterlife, you have to shift your focus and alter your state of consciousness somewhat, to one of 'feeling and sensing' any information that Spirits wish to share with us. Once you are able to perceive this other dimension, the more difficult part of the process is then interpreting the information correctly... since most of it is symbolic.

In my book, Proof Positive, one of the things that I've tried to do is demystify the process a little bit. In Chapter Three on Mediumship, I actually take you through the entire process, step by step… so that you understand how it's done. It's a glimpse of what it's like to perceive two worlds at once, through the eyes of a medium.  ^



Q.}     If I select a 'Psychic & Spiritual Development' reading, will that include mediumship - and/or - communication with Spirit Guides?

No, it does not... and here's why: The purpose of a psychic and spiritual development reading is to keep the focus on YOU and YOUR abilities. Most people who request this type of session are looking for insight regarding their own personal experiences... and everyone develops differently - and at a different pace.

Those who request this session might be experiencing some of the following things:

Awareness of 'earthbound spirits' (ghosts)
Awareness of thier loved ones in the afterlife
Extrasensory perception
Awareness of auras and/or energy fields
Awareness of ET's or ET consciousness
Channeling or channelled information
Meditative or dream experiences
Remote viewing
And other things that fall under the 'metaphysical umbrella'

During this type of session, I can assist you in two different ways.

1) I can help you to understand exactly what it is that you are experiencing... which will enable you to release any fear that you might be having - while learning to control your experiences more efficiently. I often recommend specific books as well. You can also visit a 'Special FAQ' page on my site that is specifically for people who are developing. Click here to go to that page.

2) If you wish to embrace and further develop your abilities, I can explain how you can achieve that. This can be accomplished through exercises, meditation or by taking a personal workshop with me. For more information about workshops, click here to visit that page. ^


Q.}     How can I get a free sample?  Can I ask one question without you charging me?

I don’t do sample readings; all psychic readings require that I focus in exclusively on your specific needs. When I do this, I use a full Tarot spread - whether your request is for one question [a short 15 minute session], a full 30 minute General Psychic Reading or a one hour Comprehensive Psychic Reading. The Tarot is a tool which helps to open ones psychic sensory pathways – and allows the information to flow.

In the meantime, you can review all the different types of consultations that I offer – including fees – right here on my web site… and once you decide the type and length of the session you want, you can schedule your appointment from my web form which comes directly into my email inbox. Once I receive your request, I will be happy to check my availability and will send you a few openings. ^


Q.}     How does Spirit communication take place?

All communication takes place telepathically.
 It is up to the medium to interpret all the sensory input that he or she is receiving through the use of their skills in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. I'll try to explain how I begin the process... As I meditate, images and information comes into my mind…

I will then give you each piece of information just as I receive it. Try to assess each statement on its own; in other words, each piece of information may not necessarily be connected to the statement before it - or to the statement after it. If I perceive any names, they will be significant in some manner - although they may not immediately be apparent to you. They could be connected to you, to the deceased or in some other way to the situation of one's passing.

One other note about telepathic communication... "Telepathy is the language of the mind." This means that it is a universal language, so it does not matter what language the deceased spoke when they were alive on the Earth. Any messages they wish to convey will still come through to the medium in a meaningful way, most likely in a symbolic manner.  ^



Q.}     Is there any difference between a Phone Reading... or seeing a psychic medium in person?  How can it work over the phone?

Most people know that psychics can easily perceive information about people when they meet them, but they often wonder how that process can work effectively over the phone...

First, there is absolutely no difference in the accuracy of the information; a good psychic can read for you just as easily over the phone and essentially, the content of the session will be no different than having a reading in person. Here's how it works: When I am on the phone with you, I am using the sound of your voice 'as an anchor'. In other words, just by hearing your voice, I am able to make a psychic connection with you; this triggers specific information to begin flowing through my psychic sensory pathways.

At the same time, mediumistic information does not come from the client; it comes from a different dimension... the one we often refer to as 'the afterlife'. So it doesn't matter whether the client is [physically] in the medium's presence or not. All information comes from this other frequency and is communicated to the medium telepathically. Therefore, a medium is like a conduit; you might even think of us as “the delivery person”... as we do our utmost to receive, interpret and deliver [recognizable] information to you in a meaningful manner. ^


Q.}     How do you know that the information you get is actually from those in the afterlife?

Because the living person receiving the information 'will recognize it as such'.
The spirit communicator tends to mention the little things that will help you to identify them... whether it's something to do with the way they lived... or what they were going through relating to their passing. I call this 'the bits and pieces of people's lives', the unique things that make us who we are.

And one of the most interesting parts of this process - and this happens more often than not - is that there are usually a few bits of information that the sitter [recipient] may not recognize during the reading… Often times they will either need to research it or find other family members [and/or elders] to verify things which they had no prior knowledge of.  And it can sometimes take time to receive that validation... days, weeks - or even months. But whenever that happens and information is validated after a session, it's a very strong piece of evidence for both the medium and the recipient.  

It also puts to rest the fact that skeptics accuse mediums of 'mind reading'. The medium can't be reading your mind if the information wasn't there to begin with… Can they?  So the information is coming from somewhere else.  ^


Q.}     So if someone has lost their spouse or their parent, they could go to a medium and receive a message from that person's Spirit?

Mediums do their best to connect with the spirits who are most deeply missed and in most cases, I ususally do connect with the person you are most wanting to hear from. But the truth of the matter is, it's not up to us.  In fact, it's not up to you either… It's entirely up to those in the afterlife as far as which spiritual energy actually comes through. At the same time, we can always make a request [telepathically] and attempt to perceive information regarding someone specific, but whatever is communicated from spirit seems to be what we need to hear the most.

During a reading, there are also times when a spirit communicator might not be the person you were expecting to hear from at all… since they didn't have a direct connection to you in life. However, there could be a message [from them] for someone else you know and perhaps there's a great urgency about getting a message through to that person - which would make you 'the messenger'. Whenever this happens, I try to move past them as quickly as I can... but the truth is that this might be their only chance to get a message through to someone living, so we do need to honor that. Again, you have to realize that a medium acts as a conduit... And we have to trust that whatever information comes through, is for the highest good.  ^


Q.}     Is it ever 'too soon' to have a mediumistic reading?

It's not a good idea to seek out a medium too soon after someone dies... Most people need a little bit of time to move through the initial phases of grief and be able to get back into the normality of daily activities. When you are in a state of intense grief, your ability to focus is clearly diminished; this makes it much more difficult to concentrate on whatever information the medium might be sharing with you. It's usually best to wait at least several months after losing a loved one before having a mediumistic session. Try to remember that most mediums would like nothing more than to help ease your grief - by providing you with some evidence that our consciousness survives physical death. But you have to be open enough to receive it. [Kindly Note: The same rule applies for anyone who is in a deep state of grief - even when a great deal of time has gone by. In that case, it might be better to enlist the services of a grief therapist rather than a medium.]

Again, the medium will usually begin a session by sharing the information that is coming through the strongest... and the information may or may not be coming from the person you expected to hear from. It's very important to be open to the possibility that ANYONE can come through during a session; if you arrive [either in person or on the phone] with any preconceived expectations, you may be extremely disappointed. In the event that the medium is connecting with someone other than the one you were hoping for, wait until the medium is done sharing his or her impressions; then you can mention your relationship to the person in spirit that you were hoping to hear from. But try to avoid saying any names, unless the medium gives you a name first. Then you can clarify who that name belongs to.

Note: The above response has nothing to do with a spirit's ability to communicate. A spirit is able to communicate [and/or make their presence known] immediately after they make their transition.  ^



Q.}    I lost someone that I loved dearly… and I’m so depressed that it often seems unbearable… Would a reading help?

Grief is often the result of undelivered communication… especially when someone dies. Sometimes a mediumistic reading can help, but not always. As a medium, I strive to provide you with evidence of ‘survival of consciousness’… however, nothing I could say or do will make you miss your loved one any less. You may also need a way to help you process the grief you’re feeling – on your own.  Grief therapy sessions and grief support groups can be extremely helpful. The key to success is taking ‘actions’ that can help… rather than just wishing that the pain would go away…

To that end, The Grief Recovery Program offers a highly effective workshop that helps people get back into the routine of ‘living again’. Visit the Grief Recovery Method web site for more information about the program – or at the very least, go to any bookstore and pick up The Grief Recovery Handbook, by John James and Russell Friedman.

I am also a licensed Grief Recovery Specialist [see my page link on grief recovery]... however, I am not a certified grief counselor, nor do I have a medical background. I am only certified in a program called Grief Recovery; this is a re-education program and through doing certain exercises, you can help yourself to move through the grief process more quickly and efficiently. During a one hour session with me, I can share some of that insight with you... as well as answering any of your questions with regard to life matters (past, present or future).  However... if you feel that your grief is deep seated (meaning, that you've been grieving for an extended period of time) and/or that you are dealing with clinical depression, then a grief therapist might be a better choice for you. 

Important Note.... If you are feeling suicidal, please know that you do not need to go through that alone; there is always help available! Please reach out to someone on your local crisis hotline. The phone number can usually be found in the front of your local phone book - or you can look it up on line.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Feelings of deep depression that produce suicidal thoughts indicate that you are not ready for a mediumship reading... so please consider getting some assistance in helping you deal with your grief first. I would like nothing more than to be able to help you know that the consiousness of your loved one has survived physical death - but you need to be able to focus on what I tell you... and deep depression and/or suicidal thoughts will most likely get in the way of that... So please consider some other options before scheduling a reading.

Being in the right frame of mind will help you to experience a session that meets your expectations. ^


Q.}    I lost someone to suicide… and I keep feeling like I should’ve seen the signs; how do I deal with this?  And can a medium still connect with my loved one – if they took their own life?

Although we grieve for everyone we lose, suicide is especially sad because we often feel like we could’ve or should’ve done something to prevent it from happening… But the truth is that we are rarely able to intervene once someone makes the decision to take their own life… and in most cases, we can’t keep them supervised under lock and key, 24/7.  People who are suicidal feel a sense of hopelessness and helplessness and their vision of the future is usually bleak and unchanging. Medication and therapy can sometimes be helpful to people with deep depression, especially if they have a history of emotional or mental problems… however they don’t always take the meds or show up for appointments.  So if you have lost someone to suicide, please know that it is not your fault.

The first thing that you could (and should) consider doing, is to get some help dealing with your loss; you don’t need to walk this painful road alone… In fact, staying in seclusion is the worst thing that you could do. So please consider grief counseling, taking a grief workshop… or joining a bereavement group.  For more information about this, please visit my page on Grief Recovery.

With regard to mediumship, it doesn’t matter how someone makes their transition back into spirit… They will always be connected to you (through the bonds that were created here on Earth) and mediums can indeed perceive your loved ones and bring through messages from them - even if they have passed by suicide. 

And finally, it is my belief that once we cross over to the other side, everything we struggled with here in physical life becomes very clear to us.  However when it comes to suicide, healing is still needed… both for us - as well as for our loved one in the afterlife.  We can send healing energy through ‘prayer’, which is also referred to as the ‘power of intent’… but it doesn’t matter what we call it; it is simply sending healing energy where it is needed.  So when you talk to your loved one in spirit, send them love and light… and try to forgive them for making the decision to take their own life. They will hear you… as they are working through their own healing process with their guides and spiritual teachers. ^


Q.}    What kind of messages do Spirits share with the Medium?

In my experience, I've noticed that they tend to keep it simple.  For instance, they sometimes reference things that will trigger your memory of a particular event; something that you might have shared together years before… or even a conversation the two of you had. They also tend to mention little things that will help to identify them... whether it is something to do with the type of work they did, or thier favorite hobby... or the car they drove. Other times, they share information about something that took place after their death...so that you know 'they are still around you'. During a reading, I also [clairaudiently] hear names spoken... Names are usually significant in some manner - either to you or to them, however keep in mind that the reference to names can be for people living or deceased. 

It's also important to note that the information they may share with us is not usually life changing… In other words, they aren't coming through to tell you 'where the money is hidden'... nor are they coming through to tell you what to do - even if you're in the midst of making an important decision. Doing so would interfere with your free will and the lessons you came here to learn. So asking your loved ones in the afterlife for advice may not produce the results you're seeking..

The most important thing that they want you to know, is that their consciousness has survived physical death and is still intact -- and that they are still connected to you through the bonds of love and friendship created while they were here on the Earth.

And finally, the role of any medium is to prove that consciousness does indeed survive physical death - and this is what we strive to do by sharing the bits and pieces of information that are unique to thier lives.  ^



Q.}   Can we expect [or ask] the deceased to provide the medium with ‘specific information' - like a pet name or a secret word – in other words, something that only you and the deceased would know?

This sentiment is something that mediums sometimes encounter from those who only want to hear from a ‘specific person' in the afterlife; people very often think that this is the ONLY way for them to be absolutely certain that the person coming through is their loved one... and that this would be the only definite way to prove that. At the same time, it's not always an easy request for the medium to honor... and I will try to explain why.

First of all, sometimes information like that actually does come through... but if (for whatever reason) it doesn't, it does not mean that your loved one doesn't want to provide you with specific evidence – nor does it mean that the medium is not connecting with your loved one. The problem with this kind of expectation is that what ‘you' think is important – may not be the same as what ‘they' think is important. It is also vital that you to understand that the discarnate controls the session, not the medium. In order for us to fully honor the process of mediumship, we must pass along the information – exactly the way we receive it. One of the first things that most mediums learn is that those in the afterlife clearly have their own agenda... and so we try to be as open as we can to ‘whoever and whatever' comes through – and we try very hard not to interfere with that.

There is also another aspect to consider... If the medium is not getting ‘the secret word or name', it most likely has more to do with the medium's perceptive senses, rather than with the discarnates communication effort. Mediumship is a complicated process... Mediums are ‘human instruments' that allow a discarnate's [conscious] energy to access our minds and our central nervous systems, for the purpose of sharing various types of information with us, so that we may pass it along to you.

In order for us to perceive any of this information, we must ‘fine-tune' our perceptive senses to the frequency they exist in. Some connections are clearer than others, thereby making it easier for the medium to understand the information coming through... but sometimes, it's not clear at all. Most of the time, information comes through symbolically - which first requires that the medium interpret it and make sense of it... then secondly, translate the symbolism and impressions into spoken language - and finally, deliver the information to you in a meaningful way that you will understand.

So if you are only expecting one vital piece of information to come through, the chances are that you will not be listening to any of the other information that the medium might be sharing with you – and those messages might actually be more important than the things you were expecting to hear.  ^


Q.}    During a mediumistic reading, is there any difference in the information that comes through – if another person is sitting in with me during the session?

There can be... because information can come through for either of you during the same session. For instance, if I conduct a session for a married couple, I may connect with a friend or extended family member for the husband – which the wife doesn't really know. So try to remember that by including a friend or relative to sit in on your session, you are also adding the number of spiritual energies that will try to vie for my attention.  ^


Q.}     What if I have lost a child?  Should I request a session with my husband/wife?

If a couple has lost a child, it might be more meaningful for them to see me together... But oftentimes it is only one parent who is open to having a mediumistic reading. Although I normally tell people that “anyone can come through” during a mediumistic session, I can also understand the need to reconnect with your child and the deep sadness that you must be experiencing. If that's the case, you can make a request ahead of time and I will do my very best to focus on the energy of your child.

At the same time, I may initially connect with another family member when beginning the session for you. Oftentimes, an elder family member will come through first; it might be their way of letting you know that the energy of your child is within a circle of love on the other side. And if your child passed at a very young age (and had no real life experience), others in the family usually speak on their behalf.  ^


Q.}     Can Mediums [or anyone else] actually see Spirits?

Untrained people sometimes report seeing something 'out of the corner of their eye', like movement or shadows... but when they turn to focus on it, it usually disappears.

Professionally speaking, there are several different types of mediums and some of them are able to [visually] see spirits. Natural born mediums (in most cases) are able to see and hear those in the spirit world from a very young age, even as toddlers.  I am a mental medium and facilitate the connection via the mind which enables me to feel, sense and hear them without visual contact... although I have visually seen them on occasion. On the other hand, they are more likely to place images in my mind, thereby enabling me to 'see' things through the mind's eye. But I don't usually see spirit people standing behind you, or in the middle of the room.

Some people in ordinary walks of life [other than mediums] have reported visually seeing spirits on occasion as well... which can be a somewhat unnerving experience when you're least expecting it.  I intuitively feel that a greater understanding of time/space concepts would help unravel some of the mystery surrounding why this sometimes happens 'spontaneously'.

There are also some very interesting research projects underway on survival of consciousness - which will ultimately prove to the scienific world (and everyone else) that mediums are doing exactly what they say they are doing:

Connecting with spiritual beings who are no longer in physical form.

For more information on these types of research studies, you can visit the web site for The Windbridge Institute, where studies in Mediumship Research have continued from the original study at the University of Arizona. Under highly controlled conditions, I participated in The VERITAS Research Program from November 2003 through December 2007 as an Integrative Research Medium, under the direction of Dr. Gary Schwartz [author of: The Afterlife Experiments and The Truth About Medium].  ^  



Q.}    Is it true that people who have returned from a "Near Death Experience" [NDE] seem to possess psychic abilities afterward?

Some of the research seems to support that it is indeed 'true', although we're not exactly sure why.  My own theory regarding an NDE event is this:  Once we have experienced that 1) Our own spirit does not 'die' into nothingness... and 2) That there is another frequency or dimension where our consciousness not only continues, but where we also reunite with other spirits who have gone before us... our perception of reality changes.

This creates a total shift in our belief system. The mind now has 'conclusive proof' that this other dimension is real and eliminates all the preconceived programming we were subjected to before the NDE event. It can result in an opening of the psychic pathways with a broader perception of everything, only now, it's on a fully conscious level. This might include seeing, hearing and having awareness of the spirit world with ease, because after all... you've been there!  More importantly, as you become conscious of other dimensions, you are able to explore them without fear. Such enlightenment can bring a tremendous sense of peace... as we become profoundly aware that every single one of us on the planet is... first and foremost, A Spiritual Being. And even though every one of us has lost someone through the process of physical death... and each of us shall walk down that same path one day, too... The concept of death is no longer terrifying.  ^




Q.}     Is it possible to receive messages from Animal Spirits?

Well, that depends upon what type of medium is reading for you. Lately, I've been receiving a significant number of inquiries asking if I can connect with animals in the afterlife... and although I DO perceive them from time to time, it's not the main focus of my work. In other words, during a mediumistic session I always strive to provide my clients with a sense of evidence regarding survival of consciousness. I work very hard to reconnect people who are still here on the Earth with their loved ones in the afterlife. Another main focus of the work I do is to help people to connect with their Spiritual Guides and Teachers – especially if they are developing paranormal abilities along their own spiritual path.

Although there are mediums that specialize in connecting with animals, I would not consider myself to be one of them. At the same time, I do want others to know that I personally believe that animals do indeed have souls – and that they frequently appear to be within a circle of [family] energy on the other side; if that weren't the case, mediums would not perceive them at all during a session. There are a few things I might become aware of during your session; they might include: The species of your beloved pet [cat, dog, horse, etc.]... What the animal looks like [size, coloring, etc.]... How they passed [young, old, illness, accident, etc.]. Whenever this happens, it is simply your pet's way of letting you know that they are still connected to you – and that they are whole, happy and safe on the other side. But beyond that, they cannot communicate with me in the same manner that people in the afterlife can; they have a different level of consciousness; it's a frequency that I am not necessarily attuned to, vibrationally speaking. However if connecting with your pet on the other side is a main focus for you, you can mention it to me prior to your session - and I will do my very best to perceive them. But in order to have a deeper, more meaningful 'conversation' with your beloved pets, you should really seek out a medium that specializes in animal communication.  ^


Q.}     I have an important decision to make... Can my loved ones in the afterlife help me with that?

No, they usually do not. You must try to remember that it's not their job to make decisions for you - or to tell you what to do; doing so would be interferring with your life path. I believe that this is part of the reason why we are here... and why we have been endowed with free will - so that we can move through our life lessons and learn from them. Growing in our experiences helps us to grow spiritually as well.

However, our loved ones can - and often do provide us with certain insights... and sometimes they will also reference things that are coming up for us. But they don't and/or can't tell us what to do when it comes to making decisions - and neither do our spirit guides; they same rule applies to our guides as well. ^


Q.}     During a reading, can I ask questions concerning Health Matters?

This is a popular question, one that almost everyone has concerns about, not only regarding their own health, but most people usually have a few questions about the health (and outlook) of the living people they are close to as well. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when asking about health related questions...

First, it's very important that you understand I am not a medical doctor, nor do I have any type of medical background or training. So any insight that I do share with you about health related matters is strictly based on my intuitive sense of your situation. To that end, be sure to take into consideration all and any diagnosis and advice from your medical professionals – and never hesitate to get a second [medical] opinion as well.

Secondly, it is never my job to make medically related decisions for you. For instance, never ask me (or any psychic for that matter) a question like, “Should I have the surgery, or not”? You have to make that type of decision on your own; however, I can provide you with insight as to what your options might be – and what the possible outcome may be. So if you are faced with a decision such as this, a better way to gain psychic insight would be to ask the following two questions: 1) I might be having some surgery soon; what are your impressions – if I decide to go through with it? And/or 2) My doctor recommended that I have some surgery soon; what are your impressions should I decide not to have it?

Other times, people are just looking for general insight... and might ask a question like: “How is my mother doing, health-wise?” No matter how you phrase the question, I will share my impressions with you – and will usually do that by 'psychically feeling the situation' since I am empathic. With this ability, I am able to feel sensations in another person's body; this can be anything from a mild weakness to a full-blown disease, but I can usually provide you with some kind of insight and/or suggestions. I may also suggest some type of alternative treatment or therapy - to use in addition to traditional western medical treatment. And try to remember that the more specific your question is, the more specific the answer will be.

However, any advice that I share with you is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything that you may be seeking a remedy for; our conversation is strictly open to your own personal interpretation, which others [in the medical profession] may disagree with. ^


Q.}    What if I preferred to connect with my Spirit Guide or my spiritual teachers... Can I do that during a mediumistic session?

Many people who seek out a reading are more interested in gaining insight regarding their life path and/or their own development during this lifetime, rather than connecting with their loved ones who have passed away. Sometimes people have already connected to those in the afterlife on their own - without the need of outside mediumistic services.

Connecting with your guides is a very personal choice. It is also a form of mediumship; however it requires that I tune into a different frequency (meaning, different from the afterlife). Information from your guides can often help to clarify why you chose this particular lifetime... and how the life lessons you have chosen might help you to achieve your overall mission.

There is one other note worth mentioning regarding spirit guides.... Many people ask for the names of their guide/s. Sometimes I am aware of names... and other times I am not. In most cases, spirit guides are sharing information about you and your mission here on Earth, rather than about themselves. So I try to advise people not to get too 'hooked' by the need to know a guide's name - or whether it is provided to the medium. The reason why is simple: there is no way to truly validate a guide's name in the same way that you would be able to validate a loved one's name during a mediumship reading.

And if you would prefer to schedule a session with the focus kept on your own psychic and/or spiritual development, that is an option as well. Meanwhile if you are already having psychic or mediumistic experiences - but you are untrained or undeveloped, you may want to read through the other FAQ for mediums which might help to answer some of the questions you may have about your personal experiences. ^



Q.}      I’m interested, but also very skeptical about having a reading… so I don’t want to give you any information at all 'up front' -- including my name or contact information... Can I make an appointment with you ‘Anonymously’?

No… Clients seeking out my services must fill out all of the information on my web form – including contact information – when requesting an appointment with me.

'Trust' is a very important component of a reading… however, that goes both ways! Would you allow someone to come into your home office – if they refused to tell you who they were - or anything at all about themselves?  Of course not… and it would be both unwise and unprofessional to do so. 

A little skepticism is healthy… however if you mistrust someone without having any just cause to do so, then perhaps you should not seek out their services, regardless of what type of professional they are. From a business perspective, ‘anonymity’ simply isn’t a reasonable request.

To the same end… If you were ill, do you think a doctor would treat you – if you refused to tell him (or her) your name - or any other personal information about yourself, including your medical history?  Probably not… They would most likely deny your request. You must try to remember that the professional you are seeking out is an ‘expert in their field’… and without your trust, they would probably wonder why you came to see them in the first place!

As a lab certified psychic medium, you don’t need to test me; I’ve already been there and done that - under strict laboratory conditions at the University of Arizona – where I have participated in double blind and triple blind research studies since 2003. Meanwhile, you can read my complete bio here, which should answer most of the questions you have about me and the work that I do.

Finally… As a psychic reader, my job is to provide you with ‘insight and guidance’… And as a spiritual medium, my job is to provide you with a sense of evidence regarding ‘survival of consciousness’.  Either type of reading requires an ongoing dialog which will always include your questions, feedback and/or validation of the information I'm providing you with. There is really no room for mistrust; I won't be able to help you if you're unwilling to discuss any personal concerns and/or ask specific questions. So if you are feeling skeptical about scheduling an appointment with me, perhaps you should do a little more research on the subject – and wait until you feel more comfortable with the overall process.

In the meantime, please read through the remaining Q&A on this page... You can also visit another page on this site entitled, What to Expect From a Psychic Reader. The information I provide on both pages should help you to understand what the expectations should be during a session with me. ^


Q.}     Many people have trouble believing anything at all about psychic abilities… How do you handle the hardcore skeptics?

I don't try to.  Hardcore skeptics aren't really interested in any explanation I could give them. They often have a one-track mind: 'to debunk', especially anything that falls under the heading of the paranormal. On the other hand, a healthy dose of skepticism is good… If someone asks a serious question - and they are willing to listen to the answer given and then consider the information to a certain extent - they might actually walk away [at the very least], 'open to possibilities'.

Over the years, people have asked me all kinds of questions, including some very skeptical ones. I've always tried to provide people with references to various reading materials as well as offering clear and concise explanations. In fact, it's one of the more enjoyable aspects of my work. I enjoy taking questions on metaphysical subjects… especially when it creates an opening that helps others to understand that through their willingness to learn more about the universe we live in, there is really very little difference between that which is considered paranormal… and the (normal) accepted views that most people agree upon. The latter mentality is simply a by-product of a conditioned society. However, with the knowledge and technology that we have today, that gap is quickly closing as the people of the world are becoming more attuned to their own inner wisdom, rather than simply accepting the more popular concepts that have been force-fed to them for centuries.

At the same time, I never attempt to convince anyone of anything; to be honest, I don't feel as though I should have to… for two very important reasons. First, I don't believe that anyone has the right to impose their personal beliefs on another's way of thinking without being invited to do so… and secondly, once I'm able to recognize that the skeptical mind is a closed system, anything I say or do would be a moot point anyway. ^



Q.}     What if my religious views differ from yours; does that matter?

I have read for people in all walks of life… and of many different religious backgrounds. Respecting the personal beliefs of others has never been a problem for me… and the fact that we may have different belief systems doesn’t generally interfere with having a reading with me and/or if you’re thinking of attending one of my workshops. 

Generally speaking, religion does not (and should not) impact the information provided to you during your reading – no matter what type of session you request. During a psychic reading, my job is simply to provide you with insight and/or direction by answering all of your questions effectively and accurately… And during a mediumship reading, my job is to provide you with a sense of evidence regarding ‘survival of consciousness’. In either case, religious views don’t usually come into play since most people who seek out my services are already open to these concepts.

The only exception to this would be if you wanted the focus of your session to be on the 'subject of religion’. Some people do… especially if they feel that they no longer resonate with the religious beliefs with which they were raised – and instead, they now want to explore some other options. Many people also question the authenticity of what they’ve been taught… and are looking for answers – especially if those teachings have damaged them in some way – or still interfere with their lives today. In that case, I am happy to share what I know with regard to the research I’ve done… or recommend some books, etc… providing this is something that you are requesting. But beyond that, mutual respect is an essential part of our session together. ^


Q.}    Are the people who advertise on TV -- or in magazine ads at those 900 # phone lines... 'Really Psychic'?

I must caution you to expect very general information from people who work the 900 # phone-in-lines.  While I'm sure that some of the readers at those phone lines are intuitive and maybe even a few are really psychic, most of them are just making it up as they go along.

Try to keep in mind the 'nature of the career'  these individuals are involved in: The true psychic counselor is in the business of "Spiritual Enlightenment"…The 900 number reader is usually in the business of TELEMARKETING. And at $3.99 per minute, thirty minutes of 'chit-chat' will cost you $119.70… A ridiculous amount to be charged for little or no worthwhile information. And I am fairly certain that the people who answer the 'psychic friends hotlines' are NOT your friends... It's simply the ultimate game in the telemarketing field! Try to find someone reputable instead... A reference from someone who has had a personal reading from a psychic or medium is the best way to go.

For more information on what should take place, vist my page entitled: What To Expect From a Psychic Reader.  ^