An exciting new Mediumship Development Class that finally bridges the gap between Science and Spirtuality!

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Whether you're a novice... or you have some limited abilities, you’re in the right place!

My workshops are for everyone, so the only thing you need to have is a desire to learn - and be willing to practice!

Basic descriptions of each workshop are listed below... and all the details are sent out by email to everyone who registers, about one month prior to all scheduled workshop dates...

Meanwhile, I hope that you will join me for an afternoon of 'Enlightenment'!

Doreen Molloy



Kindly Note:

You may register using the form below at any time!

New workshop dates will be scheduled soon, so stay tuned!


Mediumship Development Workshop

-- Introduction to Tarot --

-- Psychic Development Workshop --

Beginner Astrology

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Developing Your Own Abilities


A Note From Doreen Molloy...

Everyone has natural intuitive abilities... But intuition is just like anything else; the more you use it, the sharper it will get. The only difference between someone who is ‘intuitive’ – and someone who is considered to be ‘psychic’, mostly depends upon how much effort they put into honing the skill.  Think about how your muscles work... say for instance, if you were training at the gym to build up strength and stamina. Well, developing your psychic ability isn’t really much different... except that you would be building up ‘mentally and spiritually’ – instead of physically. And as any good trainer will tell you, the key to success is practice, practice, practice!

My workshops will help you in two ways...

First, I will share my personal philosophy with you as I provide you with clarity about the many different aspects of psychic ability and mediumship, or the nuances of Tarot or Astrology (depending on which workshop you select)... so that you understand what each component is and how it works.

Secondly, I will provide you with a grounded foundation which will allow you to exceed any limitations that you may have experienced in the past. This will include learning a few simple techniques, practices and exercises that will assist you in developing your skills to the level you would like to achieve. 

I came across this quote one day... and it not only expresses my own thoughts beautifully, but it is profound in its simplicity:

There are two kinds of people in the world;
those who think they can... and those who think they can’t.
They’re both right.

If you’re one of those people who thinks you can, then register for a workshop below... and let me show you how to take your skills to the next level!


In Light,  Doreen Molloy


 In-person workshops are always held in a Non-Smoking Environment 

Kindly Note:
Since smaller workshops are usually held at my home/office,

 if you have allergies to pets 
you may need to take your meds before arriving
(or at the very least, have them with you)
since I do have CATS.

They will be locked up on the second floor during the workshop
I will make every effort to have everything
as dust-free and dander-free as possible, before your arrival.

 Reminder: Larger workshops may be held in a hotel conference room 



Watch the video below for a description of what's covered
during a Mediumship Development Workshop:

-- All workshops are now taught using a Power Point Presentation --


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--- Workshop Expectations ---

Kindly Note:

The level of achievement after taking any of the workshops offered
is unique to each individual and is fully each person's responsibility...
Therefore, no guarantees can be made regarding your abilities.

These workshops are not geared toward advanced students.
If you are already proficient and working as a professional
psychic, medium, tarot reader or astrologer, kindly note that the
workshops offered here will provide you with basic information only
and they are not intended for students seeking Mastery.


Date to be announced...

During this interactive workshop, I will show you how to open your awareness to a higher vibrational dimension, as we keep the main focus on those in the afterlife and communication through mediumship.

You'll learn about the relationship between physics and metaphysics... as well as the importance of understanding symbolism, achieving a good meditation practice and how to establish a telepathic link with 'The Other Side'. I will also provide you with some basic distinctions in terminology, as we discuss the many tools and methods used to detect spirit communication and the 'triggers' you can use to stimulate your perceptive centers.

As we bridge the gap between science and spirituality, you will come to understand mediumship from a very different perspective!

And I will also reveal
that unlocks the door to successful spirit communication,
allowing you to deliver messages from spirit
much more clearly and effectively!

Kindly Note: All students should be prepared to participate in a brief Mediumship demonstration -- which will include critique and feedback.


Next Scheduled Date: To be announced...
Saturday or Sunday afternoons/ 1:00PM to 5:00PM
4 hours - In Person Workshop / On location in Union City, New Jersey
Registration Fee: $150.00 / Registrants may pay in cash upon arrival
Or you may prepay by credit card

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                     INTRODUCTION TO TAROT

                               Date to be announced... 

This Tarot workshop will help you understand all the basics of how to do a Tarot reading. You'll learn about...

The origins of Tarot
The meanings of the positions in the spread.
The significance of card numbers.
The significance of the suits.
The Major Arcana.
The Minor Arcana.
The Court Cards.

I will also cover the reversed meanings of cards... as well as different types of card spreads. We will also explore an array of different decks so that you can familiarize yourself with the esoteric imagery of Tarot.

This is a fun workshop! And using a special five-page key that I've prepared for you, all students will be paired up to try their hand at doing a three card spread during the last hour. And the key is yours to take home and practice with!

Please bring your own deck with you. If you don't currently have a deck [or if you're in the market for a new one], you can view a fine selection of decks with every theme imaginable at the following web site: - They do not process orders, but if you find a deck that you like, just plug the name of it into Google to see where you can purchase it. I'll also have about 15 different decks on display for your review.

Next Scheduled Date: To be announced...

Saturday or Sunday Afternoons / 1:00PM to 5:00PM
4 hours - In Person Workshop / On location in Union City, New Jersey
Registration Fee: $150.00 / Registrants may pay in cash upon arrival
Or you may prepay by credit card

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Date to be announced...


Whether you're a novice or you have some intuitive ability, most people have had a few experiences that are beyond what is understood by the five senses. This basic interactive workshop will help you to understand the distinctions about developing the following areas of your own abilities:

Divining the Future.

I'll provide you with book recommendations and will also guide you through an effective meditation technique as well as having you participate in several different exercises that are simple and fun... so that you can personally experience clairvoyance and psychic awareness for yourself. I will explain the distinctions regarding different states of consciousness... and will show you all the tools used (and there are quite a few!) for different methods of divination.

Q&A will be an integral part of this four hour workshop where you'll learn to open your 'psychic sensory pathways'... So let's take your intuitive abilities to the next level of development! If time allows, I will answer questions about your personal experiences.

Next Scheduled Date: To be announced...

Saturday or Sunday Afternoons / 1:00PM to 5:00PM
4 hours - In Person Workshop / On location in Union City, New Jersey
Registration Fee: $150.00 / Registrants may pay in cash upon arrival
Or you may prepay by credit card

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Date to be announced...


Unlock the secrets of your own birth chart!

Your natal chart is a precise snapshot of all the planetary bodies in the sky at the moment you took your first breath on Earth! Once you learn to read the language of astrology, you can see your strengths, your weaknesses, your tendencies... and much more - just by understanding how to read the glyphs in a chart.

Here's some of what we'll cover:

The Signs of the Zodiac -.
Planetary Energy - .
The Twelve Houses - .
The Cardinal Points - .
The Modalities -
The Triplicities -
Common Aspects -
A quick look at student charts-
General discussion-

I will need your birth information prior to the day of the class... so that I can print out a copy of your natal chart. You may take that home with you, along with an aspect grid and a key for interpretation. So when you register for this class, kindly include the following information in the 'Comments Section' of the form below:

Your birth date-
The exact time of your birth 
[include AM or PM]-
The location of your birth
 [City and State] -

Without that information, your natal chart will not be accurate!

Note: If you don't know the exact time of your birth (and if it's not on any documents you currently have), contact Vital Statistics in the city you were born, and request a LONG FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE. And if all else fails, talk to parents and other family members to come as close as you can to the time of your birth (preferably, within a one to two hour window).

Astrology is much more than just reading Sun sign horoscopes in the local newspaper! So I hope you'll join us for a dynamic look at your natal chart and how it reflects what makes you so unique!

Next Scheduled Date: To be announced...

Saturday or Sunday Afternoons / 1:00PM to 5:00PM
4 hours - In Person Workshop / On location in Union City, New Jersey
Registration Fee: $150.00 / Registrants may pay in cash upon arrival
Or you may prepay by credit card

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Workshop Overview

Group Size......
Most small workshops are held at my home/office in Union City, New Jersey and are limited to approximately 8 people; smaller groups usually allow us to interact easier and provide feedback on some of the exercises we'll be doing. However based on how many people register, larger classes may be held in a local hotel conference room (no more than 10 to 15 minutes away from my home office in NJ). Registrants will be notified as to the location of each workshop [and/or of any changes to the location] by email or phone. (Driving directions can be provided.)

What You Should Bring......
These are interactive workshops, so be prepared to participate in simple activities! Bottled water will be provided; all you'll need to bring with you is a notebook - and an open mind. [For the Tarot workshop, you will also need to bring your own deck.] Please wear loose, comfortable clothing... and if you prefer sitting on your own floor cushion or meditation mat, feel free to bring that along with you as well.

When You Should Register......
You can register at any time! It's best to register for a workshop as soon as possible; this will enable you to secure your place at the workshop of your choice. Once dates are scheduled, registrants will then receive another email to confirm their attendance. Mass emails will also go out from time to time to the general public announcing the availability of workshops as well.

Available Dates......
In-person workshops are scheduled on weekends, usually on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon from 1:00PM to 5:00PM. As dates are selected, they will be added below and will then be open to confirm your registration.

Kindly Note:
Workshop Events are occasionally held at other locations; when they are, days, hours and length of workshop can vary. See each individual listing for details.


          Next Scheduled Date:  To be announced...

          Next Scheduled Date:  To be announced...

          Next Scheduled Date:  To be announced...

          Next Scheduled Date:  To be announced...

Click HERE to go directly to the registration form to register for a workshop; whenever upcoming dates are not available, you will be notified by email when new dates are selected.

Each in-person workshop at my location is usually four (4) hours long and is completed during one afternoon; however, they can occasionally run a few minutes longer or a few minutes shorter. If you would like to schedule a workshop for your own private group, just contact me with all the details (including how many people are in your group) by email at:


Location of Workshops......
Small groups will be held at my home/office on 18th Street in Union City, New Jersey, right off Kennedy Blvd... and about two miles from the Lincoln Tunnel. The location details will be sent to all registrants by email. Union City is located in Hudson County, NJ... right across the Hudson River from midtown Manhattan.

Larger groups may be held in a hotel conference room; however both locations are in the same general area and would be within 10 to 15 minutes of each other. Driving directions will also be provided to anyone who needs them; I will just need to know where you will be traveling from.

Kindly Note:
Although it's highly unlikely, workshop dates could be subject to change due to unexpected things, like serious illness, a family emergency or inclement weather. Should this occur, you will be contacted by phone and/or email and every effort will be made to reschedule the group with as little waiting time as possible.

Private Workshops......
If you would like to schedule a workshop for your own group, just send me an email with the details of your group... and we'll go from there. Email:

For Long Distance Travelers......
If you will be flying here to attend a workshop, here are some useful things to know. When making your flight arrangements, the closest airport to me is Newark International Airport [EWR] which is about a 15 to 20 minute drive away. You could also fly into LaGuardia or Kennedy Airports in New York, but the drive from there to New Jersey will take about 40 minutes to one hour, depending on NYC traffic [and you'll need to allow about 90 minutes or longer, if you'll be travelling during rush hour].

The closest hotel to me is a Day's Inn in North Bergen, NJ; it's less than a mile away. However, if you'd like to check out some other hotels (for availability and rates), there are quite a few of them in the next town over in Secaucus, NJ; hotels in Secaucus are only about a 5 to 7 minute drive from me - and taxi service is readily available in this area.

Note: It's only a five minute drive from my location to midtown Manhattan... unless it's rush hour - then it's a one hour drive to Manhattan.

But if you're planning to spend a few days in New York City to do some sight-seeing while you're here, let me know and I'll be happy to recommend some interesting places to visit and/or some restaurants that you might want to check out during your stay... or simply click on the image to the right for more info.  >>>


Personal Reading Requests......
Although I do understand your request for a personal reading while you are here to attend a workshop, I'm not available to do private readings on the same day as a workshop. If you are traveling here and plan to spend a few days in this area, I can try to schedule you for a private session on the days before or after a workshop. Otherwise, I will be happy to check my availability at the end of the class to schedule a private appointment for you at a later time, either in person or by phone.

Regarding workshops held at special event locations:
Workshop fees may differ and must be prepaid by credit card prior to the event.


Visa  /  Mastercard  /  American Express  /  Discover

Workshop fees are non-refundable.
If you pre-pay for a workshop and you're not able to attend,
your fee can be applied to the next scheduled date for that workshop.

   Kindly note: I do accept cash or money orders, but not personal checks.



Credit Card charges on your statement will reflect billing from: Doreen Molloy, LLC.

Note: A confirmation number for your registration fee is available upon request.


-- Lectures & Discussion Groups --

For information about upcoming lectures
and to see a list of the controversial discussion topics,


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A Few Comments about Doreen's workshops...
From Astrologer, Maria DeSimone

       "I recently had the great pleasure to sit in on one of Doreen Molloy's Mediumship Development workshops... I was blown away!  Not only does she teach this subject with a practical, hands-on  approach but  as an observer, I witnessed true magic happen.

        With gentle guidance, she took each student and one by one, 'pulled the medium out of them'.

Everyone was able to get information from the other side while Doreen was right there to keep them from wavering or losing confidence. She taught how to recognize symbols, gave delivery tips and most of all, conveyed how vital it is to trust the information. It was amazing...

       If psychic or mediumistic abilities are gifts you would like to cultivate, Doreen Molloy is without a doubt, the best teacher out there!"

Maria DeSimone ~

Visit Maria
on the web at:

Insightful Astrology
and sign up for her
fabulous newsletter!


A Few Comments From Students who have attended Workshops  ~



          First off, I want to thank you for holding this class.  I was a student in your Psychic Development Class and enjoyed that learning experience... But the Mediumship class just blew me away! Your guidance and knowledge was an inspiration to us all.  But most of all, it's your gentle way in helping us to understand that draws us near. I have told you before and I will tell you again, you are an inspiration and mentor to me... for which I will be eternally grateful.

Thru Space and Time...
                                                                         Mary Ann  Q.      
                                                                          Little Ferry, NJ 


Hello Doreen,

          I enjoyed your Mediumship class -- and would love a more advanced workshop when you can offer it.  I would love to learn more, especially involving delivery and interpretation...  I know that most of that comes with time, practice, and experiences... And I loved watching the experiences others had when reading "the other side".  All were very different and it fascinated me.  Jessica's strong and raw clairsentience abilities reminded me of some of my own experiences years ago -- and they still occur occasionally with stronger spirits.  Kelly's experience was very insightful and I'm glad that came up in class...  Mary Ann was great and her accuracy was amazing. Thank you so much for the experience and for your insight!
                                                                         Love and Light ~

                                                                               Alex  F.      
                                                                            Norwich, CT   




          I really enjoyed the Mediumship class... and I wanted to have more feedback on the reading I gave (that's all I kept saying after the class).  Well, I got my feedback a day later -- in a dream!  I asked for more proof and feedback, so I guess I got it... I'm very much looking forward to the next workshop. Oh, and what a beautiful voice... thanks for sharing; it was a wonderful way to end an amazing class!

Remember, always follow your passion!
Nina O.      
Springfield, Mass



          The Mediumship class exceeded my expectations in every way.  I am truly a novice at this and have never performed an official reading or been a part of one, but you provided the comfortable, supportive, informative environment to allow all of us to have amazing readings. I honestly had no idea that I could actually perform a reading and get so much information on my first try!  I learned so much about Mediumship, myself, and others' experiences.  I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who may have an interest in Mediumship, or to those who may want to test out their skills.

Jessica M.
Jersey City, NJ


Hi Doreen,

          I wanted to thank you for a fantastic workshop today.  I have always been fascinated about psychic abilities and thought that I would attend this workshop to educate myself and observe everyone - and all that they had to share.  I truly never thought (but secretly hoped!) that I would show any potential for having something to develop myself.  I don't know if it was just luck or good guesses... but those minor successes that I had during the exercises today really reminded me to trust in my instincts.  It was such a boost to my confidence and I am so excited to explore more of all of the things that you taught us about today.  Thank you for making it such an interesting program and for being so encouraging to all of us.  I jotted down all of the books that you mentioned today... but if you have a few that you would suggest for the beginner, I would love some suggestions!

All the best,
Maura C.
New Jersey


Hello Doreen,

I just had to write to tell you how much I enjoyed the mediumship workshop yesterday! It was such a wonderful experience... and all the ladies I traveled with agreed that it was quite a well spent afternoon. I felt that the way you presented the material was very comprehensive and done in a sequential manner that made so much sense. When we were finally ready to do the guided medtiation, I was able to relax and really felt like I was 'connecting with spirit'... and the experience of communicating with spirit just felt so natural.

I think that was the piece I have been missing all along... And while I expected to 'feel somethng mystical', it was more like speaking my thoughts. Thank you so much for the clarity you gave me... and to us all!

And thank you for sharing your gift with us!

                                                                          Melissa G.
                                                                          Long Island, NY

More comments will be posted as they come in...

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The level of achievement after taking any of the workshops offered is unique to each individual and is fully each person's responsibility... Therefore, no guarantees can be made regarding your abilities.

These workshops are not geared toward advanced students. If you are already proficient and working as a professional psychic, medium, tarot reader or astrologer, kindly note that the workshops offered here will provide you with basic information only and are not intended for students seeking Mastery.

Payment is expected on the day of a workshop (unless you prefer to prepay by credit card). Workshop fees are non-refundable.

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The information contained in this web site is designed to provide you with entertainment and metaphysical insight into several areas of parapsychology. All types of workshops, lectures or consultations offered are only available to adults 18 years old or older; exceptions can be made for parents and/or guardians that request services for someone under the age of 18 providing they give written permission for such.

Any information provided by Doreen Molloy is not intended to replace any type of psychological advice, therapy, counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything that you may be seeking a remedy for. Nor are workshops, lectures or consultations designed to replace medical, legal or any other professional services or advice. All services are designed to provide you with various types of insight, ideas and/or suggestions that you may find useful when making personal decisions or or to assist you in moving forward. Doreen Molloy is licensed through the Grief Recovery Institute® of CA as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®; any insight provided that relates to grief, is based on The Grief Recovery Method®, a re-education program that enables one to participate in their own healing process. However no guarantees can be made with regard to the speed or depth of ones healing and recovery from grief, since each individual is different.  All and any insight shared during a workshop, lecture or consultation is intended to help you make the best possible choices for yourself so that you may live your best life and achieve wellbeing in body/mind/spirit. 

Many areas of the psychic and spiritual realms are still experimental, so nothing can be guaranteed. Clients are provided with insight only and are always encouraged to make their own choices when it comes to personal life matters; refunds are not issued if there is a difference of opinion. All workshops, lectures, consultations and services provided by Doreen Molloy are billed at the rates listed and are non-refundable. The fees for workshops lectures and consultations are based on the length of the event and/or for the amount of time spent with you, not for the insight provided and/or any general discussion during sessions or events.

Any advice, conversation or information that you receive from Doreen Molloy [or from this web site] is strictly open to your own personal interpretation, which some may disagree with. Therefore, Doreen Molloy shall not be held liable for any assessments or decisions made by those who seek out her services.

By submitting your request to Doreen Molloy, you are agreeing that you fully understand the above statement.

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